Photo by Samsung promo video 2014

Samsung seems to have worked out the wrinkles on its much-rumored foldable phone and could unveil such a handset later this year, according to a report from Korea.

The electronics giant is working on a phone with a flexible display that folds open into a 7-inch tablet, the Korea Herald reported Wednesday. It is expected to ship more than 100,000 units during the third quarter, sources described as familiar with the matter told the newspaper.

As per the report, Samsung Electronics is expected to take a decision about the launch of its foldable smartphone after its executive-level reshuffle that will be carried out in either February or March.

Photo by Samsung promo video 2014

Interestingly, LG has also been tipped to produce more than 100,000 units of its own foldable devices in the fourth quarter this year, the report said.

Credit: CNet, NDTV