Pokemon Go is banned in Saudi Arabia

Apparently, you can not play the phenomenal mobile game Pokemon Go in Saudi Arabia.

This is because of a “fatwa”(no. 21,758) which was issued in 2001, banning it from the nation.

A Fatwa is a rule in the Islamic law given by a recognized authority.

The fatwa no. 21758 states that Pokemon game cards, which was very popular back then, is a form of gambling, which is forbidden in Islam. On top of containing polytheistic symbols, the game is also said to promote Darwin’s theory of evolution, both seen as religious violations in Islam.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars has renewed the fatwa, stating that the new version of the game, Pokemon Go, is the same as the old one.

Looks like you have to look for alternatives if you want to hunt Pokemon while living in Saudi Arabia.

The entire Fatwa is here:


Ephraim Batambuze III

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  1. Hahaha why are all the articles mentioning a ban.
    I know so many who play the game in Saudi as we speak.
    nothing is banned, and their government denied renewing
    any fatwas.. especially those articles that mention ’15’ years.
    PokeMasters are still ”catching them all”

  2. Though I have to add though…
    Do you truly blame the Saudis – even if they did ban the game?
    I mean- have you seen what happened here in the uk and in the states
    because of some video games.
    They can shape minds and scatter thoughts.. I don’t want my kids to
    spend way too many hours on it. Though they are allowed to play..

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