SoftBank & Honda want to produce a car that can talk and read a driver’s emotions

Have you watched the Knight Rider series? That is the best way i can explain what SoftBank and Honda want to do.

The two companies want to develop a car that can both talk and read a driver’s emotions.

This was made known by SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son at an event in Tokyo Thursday.
The technology will allow a vehicle to analyze speech through the use cameras and in-car sensor, as well as gauge the driver’s emotions, engage in conversation, or offer assistance.

Son said at the event that SoftBank’s Pepper robot, which can read human emotion, would likely play a role as well.

However, they are not the first in this quest. Toyota unveiled the FV2 in 2013 which is a single-occupancy concept car that can read your voice and facial expressions.

Bentley also has a facial-recognition app that can reads customers emotions.

What are your thoughts about the care? Let us know in the comments below.


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