AIG partners with Orange telecom. Image Credit: EuroNews
AIG partners with Orange telecom. Image Credit: EuroNews

Orange Telecom and Nokia Corp. have achieved the world’s first optical transmission of 250 Gigabits per second (Gb/s) per wavelength over 870km through Orange Poland’s existing network infrastructure.

“This ground-breaking milestone will be the basis for faster networks and a better user experience for our customers,” Christian Gacon, VP in charge of Orange’s transport networks, said in a statement.

This milestone was reached when a six-carrier 1.5 Terabits per second super channel occupying a bandwidth of 300GHz was transmitted between Warsaw and Wroclaw over standard single mode fiber.

Optical systems typically achieve maximum transmission capacity over short distances and lower capacity across long distances.

This trial demonstrated how capacity and distance can be improved in tandem using Nokia technology, resulting in a 250% increase in bandwidth over commonly deployed 100Gb/s networks using the same amount of spectrum and also demonstrated how Orange Poland can stay ahead of surging bandwidth demand as cloud networking continues to grow.