Image Credit: proxynetworks
Image Credit: proxynetworks

HR is old. It has been around since the dawn of business, or near enough. The rather strangely named ‘human resources’, help you, the employer, manage your ‘humans’ or employees as they are more commonly known. I’m sure you already have upgraded to some form of HR software by now, seeing as its 2016 you really should have, but chances are the systems have evolved since then to become even more helpful and inclusive, plus many HR software companies will offer different levels of service a bit like the Diet, Zero, and Original versions of Coca Cola. XCD HR Limited is one such company that has a tiered system when it comes to what they offer their customers.

The Bare Minimum
Here, in brief, is what you should have as a basic level of HR software. If you don’t have these functions then you definitely need to upgrade ASAP. Then I will cover what you can expect in the higher level of HR software packages.

  • Employee Records – This is a must, because what’s the point of having a HR package if it doesn’t keep track of your employees. You’ll need these records for a whole host of reasons, concerning anything that affects your employees. This will include contact information, should someone not turn up for work, salary, and start date at the company. It will also have contact information for a next of kin in case there are any emergencies.
  • Leave Management – Again, this is essential for companies of any size. You need to know who has leave and when so that you don’t get in a situation where an entire team has taken off the same week in July, for example. Having all the leave in one place means you can easily keep track of who and when.
  • Training Records – Many HR software systems will also include any training certain individuals have undertaken. This means that when it comes to finding the right people for a task or looking to promote someone, you have all the information right in one place. It also helps if someone is under performing as then you can suggest certain training modules that other staff have undertaken.

The Next Level Stuff
I think that those three things are the most important and should come with even the most basic of HR software systems. However, there is a whole world of HR software goodness to be enjoyed (maybe that’s a bit far, as we are talking about HR after all). There’s really too much to put down here as a really comprehensive software will cover much, but here are a few things to look out:

  • Timesheets – These softwares have now developed so that they can carry all timesheet information which will come in very handy … if you’re a company that still uses them, of course.
  • Reward Management – This system will enable you to keep track of your employees work progress and be able to determine if certain staff members are due a reward, like a bonus etc.
  • Payroll Management – No one likes having to sort out payroll, especially if you have a large company with many employees on a variety of different salaries. There are, however, companies who will do it for you.

Whether I’ve managed to convince you to upgrade or not, you should think about it anyway, as competent HR software systems can really make your life easier (or the lives of your HR department, of course).