This Game Brings Storytelling, Beautiful Design And Great Sound To Your Phone

It’s a very hot afternoon in Kampala, and these days I can barely think of anything to write about, the weekend is getting closer so I will take a break very soon from all this sitting in an office on a very hot day. I am definitely feeling sleepy and I can barely do something.

In the middle of this very hot day I try to watch House of Cards season 3 (please don’t judge), then I see Mr President (Kevin Spacey) playing the Monument Valley Game on his iPad, I respect Frank (Kevin Spacey) and trust that if he can take time off his presidency to play a game, it has to be a great game.

Long story short, I buy the game and I have been playing it for the last 2 hours non stop and just couldn’t stop taking screenshot and making promises to tell you about this game, so here goes.

According to Wikipedia Monument Valley is a game developed by Ustwo studio, where a player leads Ida(the princess) through a couple of obstacles and optical illusions which are referred to as Sacred geometry because Ida is on a journey to look for forgiveness.

monuWhether it is moving different parts of the temples or blocking out obstacles like the crow people or even creating bridges for the princess the game takes you in emotionally and makes you part of her world, for the last 2 hours I have not had an emotional connection to any game the way I have Monument Valley.

What I like.

The storytelling:

Like I said the game took me on an emotional Journey, as I take the princess through the different obstacle am drawn in by the well thought illusions and the art. Ustwo Studio thought about every detail of this game to just give the player not only the best gaming experience but also to create a relationship with Ida, as they journey to bring her to a safe place.

The Beautiful Design:

The one thing that strikes you about the game is the well thought color, that keeps on changing according to different levels of obstacles and moods. The color calms you down when you are stressed and if you connect the beautiful color design with the rumbling sounds, you will get a therapeutically package of a great game.

The Well Thought Details:

Besides the storytelling, Beautiful design and great sound, the game is very usable because of the attention to detail that comes with it.

This game takes on your entire screen and because we love to take screenshots, the game let’s you take photos of your game progress without necessarily pressing 2 buttons to take a screenshot and you can be able to share these screenshots and after get back to your game, not very many games have this feature and this attention to detail is what you need in a game you are going to buy.

The downside:

Low Complexity:

I play a lot of puzzle games but I must say the only downside to this game, is that it’s not very complex and that is like the downside I saw with the game.

That a side, the game is also very big (about 246MB) so after buying it, you might need a good internet connection, that’s if you are in Uganda like me.

Overall I would give this game a 4.7/5 rating.




Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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