Ping Pong Traffic Light Game Officially Installed in Germany

A modified traffic lights game that lets those waiting for the green light to pass time playing ping pong with someone on the other side of the road has been approved for use by the city of Hildesheim, Germany.

The game called StreetPong offers pedestrians a way to pass time while waiting, especially those anxious crossers who may try to cross early.

Re-branded as ActiWait, the game is a slightly modded version of Pong where you move skateboards with your finger on one of the touch-screens either side of the road. As the score tallies you can see how long is left until the red light changes. When the light does turn green, the game finishes and a thumb is displayed to let you know that you can cross safely; you can also see how much time is left on the green light.


They are now hoping to further develop the tech and install it into more traffic lights using funds raised from an Indiegogo campaign.

They are planning improvements which include ambient light sensors to adjust the screen brightness accordingly, WiFi connectivity for easier maintenance and updates, and also a feature that will allow the display to double up as a local news and weather source along with providing navigation and city information.

Source: IE