playstation-networkFollowing an attack from the same group of hackers that targeted Xbox Live last week, Sony’s PlayStation Network is down.

When you head over to the PlayStation website right now and you’ll be greeted with an error message: “Page Not Found!” followed by “It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault.”

More specifically, it’s the hacker group Lizard Squad’s fault. The group has already claimed responsibility for the attack, with their Twitter status reading “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad.”

This is the same Lizard Squad that attacked Xbox Live a week ago, as well as the one that claimed responsibility for attacks on EA and the popular online console shooter Destiny. At the time of the Xbox Live attack, Lizard Squad warned that the attacks would continue right up to Christmas.

In response to this latest attack, Sony has tweeted “Thanks for your patience as we investigate.”

Sony’s Hollywood film studio was recently hacked, with a number of unreleased movies and actor salaries leaked onto the internet.

This attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network, just as the company is celebrating 20 years of the PlayStation brand  and the recent attacks on the wider company don’t appear to be linked.

Source: Trusted Reviews