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Google is now manually reviewing developers’ Android apps

Google has tightened the process by which applications are approved and added to the Google Play store, and is going to have actual people check out each piece of software before putting it within a few clicks’ reach of children.

The communication was revealed through the Android developer blog, saying the move was intended to create a better experience on the application store, as it should strip out inappropriate apps and help developers create perfectly acceptable offerings for it.

The product manager for Google Play, Eunice Kim said that in order to streamline things at the developer end, software chaps will have to fill in a questionnaire about their submission as they submit them. This, which will include information about content, will be reviewed by Google, and assessed in relation to standards set by international ratings outfits like PEGI.

Apps submitted without a questionnaire will not get a rating, and could find themselves banned, but apps that do will enjoy smooth passage, Kim explained.

This new process involves a team of experts who are responsible for identifying violations of developer policies earlier in the app life cycle.

The team has also rolled out improvements to the way  they will handle publishing status. Developers now have more insight into why apps are rejected or suspended, and they can easily fix and resubmit their apps for minor policy violations.”

Via The Inquirer


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