MTN Sues Two Companies for Fibre Cuts

MTNMobile Telecommunications Network Ghana (MTN Ghana) has instituted legal action against two companies, Hisense Son Electronic Ltd and Zuleah Esifu for damage to its fibre cables.

In a release issued in Accra, Mrs Cynthia Lumor, Corporate Services Executive, MTN Ghana disclosed that MTN Ghana had sued Hisense Son Electronic Limited for causing damage to fibre cables on the Sakaman-Kasoa road while the second company, Zuleah Esifu, was sued after excavators being used by the company for clearing land for the construction of a filling station caused severe damage to MTN fibre.

According to Mrs Lumor, Fibre cuts compromised service quality for MTN customers and the company and that the company had vowed to step up its efforts to curtail the menace, which was on the ascendancy, in spite of time spent engaging stakeholders as a means to mitigating the problem.


“We have been educating the public against these acts for several years now; however every year the number of fibre cuts continues to grow,” she lamented.

She said MTN invested heavily in fibre-optic technology in order to increase capacity and speed and ensure a distinct experience for MTN customers using voice or data services.

For example, she said. customers downloading large data or video files should be able to do so seamlessly because of our fibre and other investments.

However, Mrs Lumor said, indiscriminate cuts to the company’s fibre by unscrupulous persons undermined the company’s efforts.

She said MTN had had to implement various solutions to minimize the impact of fibre cuts to customers, including adding additional protection or diverting some of its fibre routes.

In some cases, she said, the company had had to replace degraded fibre along some of the routes, for example from Axim to Elubo road at extra cost.

She expressed the hope that suing identified perpetrators would deter others and potentially limit the inconvenience to MTN customers.

Source: Ghana Gov


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