Google set to Launch its Own Cellular Network – Industry reports

Image from smartdroid
Image from smartdroid

Rumor has it that the US is set to have a new Cellular Network, It’s technically all rumor and speculation for the time being, but there is nonetheless reason to believe that Google may be planning to build and launch its very own cellular network right in the US.

It should be noticed that they have already gone ahead with a superfast fiber broadband network in some regions, experts are beginning to believe that the next logical step forward is for Google to challenge the nation’s biggest carriers.

The news comes from the folks over at The Information, where it’s being suggested that a couple of sources had a chat with Google about its future plans to begin offering mobile data and voice calling services.

“Google executives in recent months discussed their hope to offer a full-fledged wireless service in markets where it offers Google Fiber Internet and TV service, according to two people who have discussed the matter with Google,” the site quotes the sources as saying.”

This means that Google customers in places like Kansas City, Mo. could get voice and Internet access through their mobile devices wherever they go.

Nobody has yet managed to squeeze any kind of official comment out of Google on the matter, but it’s a pretty compelling idea nonetheless.

Well, that is of course unless you’re one of the carriers Google would no doubt be looking to take a huge bite out of.

Source: Highlight Press


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