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South Korea Does Ugandan IT feasibility study

NITA-UThe National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) will host IT experts from South Korea, carrying out a feasibility study to see if the East African country can implement a Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC), Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) and Shared Services and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The Independent reports the experts from National Information Technology Promotion Agency (NIPA) will determine if the infrastructure is in line with NITA-U’s key objectives of having a coordinated, harmonised and regulated IT infrastructure and services within government.

Additionally, it should help facilitate the access to online transactions for Uganda once implemented.

NITA-U developed a National e-Government Master Plan in June 2012 with assistance from NIPA, which provided for the implementation of the whole infrastructure.

“You will not be bothered by moving to government offices for most of the information for your daily use,” said James Saaka, executive director at NITA-U. “You will just get this from your computer.”

Saaka said the study will be completed in December this year and its results will be used by the government as a guideline for setting up a quality and reliable National Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre in which shared services will be hosted.

The cooperation with the South Korean experts will involve the exchange of technical expertise, experience and information in relation to the development and implementation of a PKI and GIDC.


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