The Uganda Communications Commission today announced that the commission has “no objection” to the application by Airtel to transfer Warid Telecom’s Public Infrastructure Provider (PIP) and Public Service Provider (PSP) licenses to Airtel Uganda.

“The Commission, upon receipt of the said application gave a no objection to the merger transaction of Warid Telecom and Airtel and requested for further documentation,” read a statement from UCC.

“The commission, in accordance with the law, is in the process of carrying out administrative due diligence of the requirements submitted by the applicants and shall announce the outcome within 45 days from the date of receipt of the application [believed to have been 23rd April, 2013].”

“The full integration process will take a maximum on 12months from the date of approval.”

An Airtel representative confirmed that the Airtel brand will be maintained after the merger has been completed.

Details to follow.


  1. The Airtel brand will be maintained or the Warid Brand will be maintained? Certainly no one expected the buyer to re-brand and become the buywer…

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