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Google revamps Chrome Web Store search UI for easier filtering

Google has released an updated search interface for its Chrome Web Store that now tabulates filter options at the top of the page.

Filter choices are: All, Apps, Extensions and Themes. Under the All section, users can also click on section headings to jump to a single category search.

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Google has gradually been improving the search function on its Chrome store. Last July, it added social recommendations from Google+, allowing users to see which apps members of their circles have +1′d. A major revamp to the store is in the works that will reportedly include multi-platform support for apps and extensions.

Today’s update isn’t particularly ground-breaking, but it should make searching for specific types of results quicker. As the store’s offerings continue to grow at a rapid clip, that’s a welcome improvement.


The Chrome Web Store has come a long way since it first launched in late 2010,. Developer uptake on the platform took a bit of time, but Google now boasts thousands of free apps on the platform. That’s a solid start, but it will need to keep investing in the store if it hopes to build momentum for its Chromebook platform.

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