“First time PC users are unaware of this,” says Baxter.

PC security in Africa

“Africa remains the fastest growing technology region in the world,” says Baxter.

“On average, there are about 6.9 million PC users in Africa. That’s grown over 200% since the year 2007 in comparison to other mass markets including the US and the UK,” says Baxter.

“The actual PC users in Africa has grown much faster than in the western world,” says Baxter.

South Africa  users trends

“South Africa users spend about 45% of their time online now than in 2007. That’s an increase of about 32% in the amount of page views,” says Baxter.

“So what we have in the SA market is tech savvy people that are doing more online than ever before.”

Localised malware

Cyber criminals are currently seeing a lovely market developing in South Africa. We’re starting to see the first South Africa malware.

“Brazil is dominating the localized malware market at the moment. A similar trend is starting in SA,” says Baxter.

Developing market

“The anti-virus products are ideal for developing countries, not only South Africa but also businesses in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

He says AVG is not going for an enterprise-based business.

“Small businesses don’t have the budget to get the PC and then the software. People don’t have time to manage difficult enterprise software,” says Baxter.

Baxter admits that the AVG 2012 product will not completely phase out all global hacking activity.

“No one has such a product in the industry,” he concludes.

Source: itnewsafrica