When you’re in Gmail go all the way downto the bottom of the page. There you shouldsee something starting with “Last accountactivity …”

As you can see in the screenshot above, itshows the last time someone logged in intoyour account and the IP address of that person.If you are logged in just now you shouldsee it right there.

Last account activity:3.5 hours ago at this IP ( 

Now here comes the cool part, if at somepoint while you’re logged in someone elselogs into your account the bottom line willchange to something like:

This account is open in 1 other locationat this IP (

This basically tells you that there is someoneelse in your account,unless you have italso opened in other browser or left it openon other PC (at home and you are at work).As you have probably noticed there is alsoa ‘Details’ link. This one gives you a bit morethan just who is logged in right now but alsorecent account access times, the IP addressesand the way account was accessed (i.e. usingBrowser, via POP3, etc.) Here are 3 things you should pay attention to:

1. IP Address – If you usually signin toGmail using a single computer then your IPaddress should be the same. Or at least haveidentical first two sets of numbers (ex. 212.10.xx.xx).

2. Access Type – This column displays theway your account was accessed. For instanceif you read your email from browser (Firefox,IE, Safari etc.) but one of the entries showingPOP access, there is a good chance your accountis compromised.

3. Concurrent Sessions – If your mail iscurrently being accessed from another location,you’ll see it here.However, as I mentioned earlier if youhave your Gmail account open in some otherbrowser (or PC), those sessions will appearhere as well. If you want to sign out theseother sessions you can do so using ‘Sign outall other sessions’ button. This won’t affectyour current session.If at one point you notice that somethingis not right and feel that your account iscompromised the first thing you should do ischange your password.Note that this feature is also available to   Google Apps users.