Terra Privacy LLC Announces A Computer Hacking Solution

Hacker attacks continue to escalate despite widespread use of antivirus and firewalls. Terra Privacy LLC has announced a new technology designed to provide security where antivirus and firewalls fail.

Antivirus and firewalls don’t give moment-by-moment choice over who enters computers and what is allowed to leave. This critical security gap is finally filled by “Transparent Traffic Control (TTC) NetSwitch,” the newly released flagship product of Terra Privacy LLC. It displays a real-time list of names of everyone who wants to access your computer and it doesn’t run silently in the background like antivirus and firewalls.

“The only way to keep your digital life secure, is to always see, moment-by-moment, who wants to enter and what wants to leave,” says Michael Wood, inventor. “Those who embrace this new paradigm are the only ones who are truly secure.”

This video will demonstrate to you on how to use the top 15 features of TTC NetSwitch.

TTC NetSwitch has been designed to even protect against the pervasive problem of backdoors hidden in emails. This type of hacking attack has infiltrated the largest companies, including anti-intrusion makers themselves. “TTC NetSwitch even protects against the stealthiest attacks,” says Wood.

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