The John McAfee $20,000 SwiftCoin Hack Challenge

A challenge to the hackers. Image Credit: V3 A challenge to the hackers. Image Credit: V3

If you think you’re good at the game of hacking, here’s a challenge for you. Gear up!

John McAfee is offering 20,000 USD (67.4 million UGX) to any hacker who can break SwiftCoin and the John McAfee SwiftCoin and SwiftMail code, the offer runs till April 30, so better get started.

The hacker should identify himself to John McAfee, execute the attack against SwiftCoin, reveal the contents of SwiftMail and/or steal SwiftCoin then show how it was done.


Third party observers will be provided free SwiftCoin wallets to be hacked into and report the results.

According to the company, volunteers and journalists are encouraged to participate. Their sole public identification during the challenge will be a SwiftCoin wallet for example; 471a6e4da7b27482d4c428a6c7dcbfce.

The challenge is open to John McAfee himself and a running bet on the probability of success is available at Bitcoin Free Casino with payouts in bitcoin and SwiftCoin.

Earlier this year in February, John promised to eat his shoe on live television if he didn’t hack the San Bernardino iPhone in three weeks:

“I work with a team of the best hackers on the planet. These hackers attend DEF CON in Las Vegas, and they are legends in their local hacking groups, such as HackMiami. They are all prodigies, with talents that defy normal human comprehension. I would eat my shoe on the Neil Cavuto show if we could not break the encryption on the San Bernardino phone, John Said.”

John got the job done and saved his shoe. The point being that there is no real reason for the police state to force tech companies to provide backdoors.

“The US public doesn’t need a Digital Security Commission; they need the FBI to stop deceiving everyone and tell the truth that it wants to spy on Americans.” – John McAfee[related-posts]

Play the games you win.