Airtel Uganda Unveils 5G Home Broadband to Boost Internet Connectivity

The Airtel 5G Home Broadband device has been priced at UGX250,000 and can connect up to 65 people.

Airtel Uganda unveiled its first 5G Home Broadband device to boost connectivity across the country. The new development was announced on Wednesday during the telco’s night golf monthly mug tournament at Uganda Golf Club.

Airtel Uganda, Home Broadband Director, Mr. Denis Kahindi expressing his excitement about the new product said, “Imagine monitoring your business complex in real-time, ensuring everything is in perfect order, all through the seamless connectivity of our 5G Home Broadband device.”

“Picture enhancing your home security, allowing you the peace of mind to take time off and indulge in more rounds of golf,” he added.

Kahindi emphasized that with the new 5G Home Broadband device, the telco aims to empower their customers not only to confidently embrace the digital future but also to enhance their lifestyle.

The Airtel 5G Home Broadband device has been priced at UGX250,000 and customers will be required to subscribe to a monthly data plan of their choosing. The data plans include; 90GB for UGX75,000, 130GB for UGX100,000, and 220GB for UGX150,000.

The broadband can connect up to 65 people.

Kahindi highlighted that whether one uses the internet for entertainment, gaming, streaming, or remote work, the 5G Home Broadband device is “one’s gateway to a world of possibilities.” “It goes beyond being a mere device; it’s a conduit to endless opportunities, consistently delivering a Reason to Imagine for our customers,” he remarked.

While calling upon their customers/clients to buy the new product, Kahindi said, “As we launch this transformative technology, we also want to express our gratitude to our customers who have entrusted us with their connectivity needs and I invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us.” Concluding that the 5G Home Broadband device is more than just a product, it’s a promise of a connected future where possibilities are limitless.

The adoption of the Home Broadband internet has gradually grown over the years and was further boosted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown saw a surge in demand for home internet as the population adjusted to working from home, online studies, and online business, among other shifts.

To meet this high demand, Internet Service Providers had to offer innovative solutions for their customers to enjoy different opportunities of the internet such as fast downloads, live video streaming in real-time with no buffering, working from home with ease, and online gaming, among others.

Telecommunications companies have now embarked on a nationwide launch of the 5G Network to deliver higher multi-Gps peak data speeds, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users.


5G can support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometer compared to 4G which can only support up to 100,000 connected devices in a similar area. This makes 5G the suitable network over which remote teams can collaborate to undertake tasks like surgery, and shared online school classes, and farmers can share live video farming tips, engineering tasks over video and stream gaming, and other entertainment experiences.

5G is admired for its immense applications in Home broadband activities like gaming, virtual reality, and other entertainment. In Manufacturing, commercial agriculture, and smart grids, 5G is useful for condition monitoring and other industrial applications.


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