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Is WordPress Still the Best CMS in 2023?

How does WordPress rank against every other CMS?

WordPress slowly built up its status as the best CMS by listening to its users. Once its popularity peaked, the competition took note and introduced its own alternatives. So, for 2023, how does WordPress rank against every other CMS (content management system)?

What Makes it the Best

There is a reason that Top Website Developers promote WordPress as their favorite CMS. A CMS is only as good as its resources, and no other CMS has more resources than WordPress. You can find thousands of tutorials and tips online. And the most amazing part of these online resources is that they are free! No matter how unique the bug is, it doesn’t take long for WordPress (or one of its users) to post a fix. The community of a CMS is irreplaceable, and it is clear that WordPress has the largest and most active community.

Competition with Bad Marketing

There are a few CMS innovations that surpass WordPress in some key areas. What holds them back is price, which is something that is strongly tied to marketing. The many ‘WordPress killers’ bet the farm on a single advanced feature being better than the overall WordPress package. This upgraded feature comes with a price that is sometimes triple the cost of the average CMS. While it appeals to a specific group, it completely misses the value point of a more balanced CMS. Sure, you can purchase XYZ CMS with expanded SEO tools, but is the higher cost worth it for a product that may be mediocre in every other area? When a CMS goes hard in pushing a single feature while minimizing the rest, then take a close look at what it is trying to hide.

User Friendliness

Nothing beats the user-friendliness of WordPress. It has the best UI of all time and is one that is instantly familiar to use for all experience levels. Everything is easy to find, and you won’t struggle to learn the more advanced features. This is still one of its biggest selling points — WordPress can be a simple blog site or a media-heavy site that handles millions of visitors per day. If your infrastructure that hosts WordPress can handle the load, then it is safe to assume that WordPress itself will have no problem.


WordPress is open source and still the king of any CMS that has plugin capability. You can find a plugin for something as small as a counter, or get a bit more adventurous with SearchWP. Security, usability, shopping, and even AI are right at your fingertips. Do you want a complete overhaul of the website? WordPress themes are plug-and-play and sport some of the most impressive designs on the internet. The old plugins are always being improved, and the open-source nature of WordPress means that new ones are always being created.

It does the Job

Since 2003, very few companies have been able to provide a similar experience to WordPress. Many are still trying, and in the future, there may be a few surprises. Some do a few things better, but the win for the overall package will always belong to WordPress.



Joan Banura

Joan Banura is an aspiring journalist with a passion for all things tech. She is committed to providing insightful and thought-provoking content that keeps our readers informed and engaged.
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