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Why is WordPress Perfect For Small Businesses?

WordPress is practical and easy to use, which is why it’s especially favored by business owners.

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that eases website creation, management, and maintenance. It powers almost 40% of all websites on the internet, including plenty of blogs and businesses.

WordPress is practical and easy to use, which is why it’s especially favored by business owners. They can save the budget they’d otherwise use for web developers as WordPress has many tools to help create a website, and even automate the business processes.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other reasons why small business owners love WordPress. I will discuss them in this article, so let’s get started right away.

  1. Free to Use

WordPress is an entirely free-to-use software. WordPress will not charge any extra fees on usage regardless of the website’s purposes or traffic. This is because the software isn’t owned by a single company, but is developed and maintained by the contribution of volunteers.

By using WordPress, business owners don’t need to hire a whole team of developers. Instead, they can use the CMS to create a website, install plugins to support various business processes, install themes for design, all at the cost of nothing.

  1. Quick Website Setup

WordPress is easy to install, allowing small business owners to save time and effort as it does not require extensive technical knowledge.

There are hosting plans that offer easy ways to use WordPress, like a one-click installer. What’s even better, WordPress hosting plans usually have it pre-installed, set up, and optimized for your website needs.

  1. Open-Source Platform

WordPress is an open-source platform, which is part of why it’s free. The software is maintained by a core team. Moreover, volunteers always help make patches, fix bugs, and create beneficial features for the users.

Open-source also means that the software codes can be modified however business owners want. That means there are endless possibilities of the features a WordPress website can have. In this case, small businesses can edit or add anything they need to ease business processes.

  1. SEO-Friendly

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and it helps websites rank in search results through many methods. Luckily, WordPress has all the right features to make SEO easier.

There are features within the software that will help SEO, such as editing permalink, title tags, and alt tags for keywords. There are also plugins like Yoast SEO that you can install to help optimize your content.

  1. Scalable

Often, owners worry about spending the time and money to redo their website when the business grows. They might have to change hosting plans to handle traffic or even start their website from scratch if there are too many adjustments to make.

With WordPress, your site and business should remain unaffected to changes. As long as you have a good website structure, business growth shouldn’t negatively impact performance. There are plugins that can help you with this, such as heavy media optimizers.

  1. Secure and Safe

WordPress is highly popular among website owners. While getting that much interest, you might wonder if it has opened a window for hackers and malicious third parties.

Business website owners shouldn’t worry because WordPress staff are constantly updating the CMS to improve website security. Officially supported plugins are also updated and optimized to ensure safety for all WordPress users.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

One of the best parts about WordPress is that it’s designed to be very user-friendly. Beginners often worry about learning the technical side of various software, but with WordPress, you can find almost everything through the intuitive dashboard. This saves time for business owners as there isn’t a lot of technical knowledge to learn.

  1. Various Themes

One of the most crucial yet challenging parts of creating a website is the design. Business owners may invest extra just to get the perfect look for the site.

With WordPress, you can find free and paid themes for various types of websites. There are plenty of options to choose from with a wide range of categories. Better yet, these themes are customizable, so you can adapt them to your needs.

  1. Plugins for Every Need

One of WordPress’s best features is the plugins. There are 58,000 options to choose from that can help with website security, decorative elements, even maintaining cache for website speed.

That means there are plenty of useful plugins for small businesses. For instance, the WooCommer HYPERLINK “”ce plugin simplifies creating an eCommerce website. To protect customer data during online transactions with an SSL certificate, you can install Really Simple SSL HYPERLINK “”.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Google’s ranking algorithm prioritizes mobile-responsive websites compared to non-responsive ones. That gives mobile-friendly sites a bigger advantage to secure a higher site ranking in search results.

Thankfully, almost all WordPress themes are designed to be accessible on tablets and smartphones. WordPress can also automatically set mobile-view for themes that aren’t mobile responsive, so you don’t have to worry about reworking the design.

  1. Large User Community

When building and maintaining a website, you will likely have questions on how to configure certain parts. Business owners who use off-work hours to design their website will especially wonder who to ask during these times.

Thankfully, WordPress has a large community of developers and experts to help solve all of your problems. Simply browse through the forum to find the answer you’re looking for, or post questions and wait for the answers.

  1. Simple Management

A business website has a lot of needs. From integration with payment gateways to website security, there is a lot to set up.

Doing these processes manually can be time-consuming, which isn’t ideal for business owners who already have multiple matters to handle at once.

With WordPress, install plugins that can automate various tasks on website maintenance or business processes. Stripe, for example, allows accepting payment on-site from various gateways. There’s also Easy Updates Manager to automate theme updates and more.

All in all, WordPress is a powerful content management system that offers plenty of benefits to small businesses. You can save time and money by creating a WordPress website as it’s free to use and it’s very beginner-friendly. You can also automate many website needs like software updates for security or cache cleaning for speed.


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