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WhatsApp is Rolling Out Two New Updates to Group Chats

WhatsApp new group chat updates

WhatsApp has today announced an update for group chats that are designed to make groups more manageable for admins and easier to navigate for everyone.

The instant messaging platform is giving group admins more control over their group privacy and at the same time making it easier for users to discover groups they share in common with their contacts.

The company is adding an update that enables group admins to decide who is able to join a group.

“When an admin chooses to share their group’s invite link or make their group joinable in a community, they now have more control over who can join,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Groups are where people have some of their most intimate conversations and it’s important that admins are able to easily decide who can and cannot come in.”

The update is also making it easier for users to see groups they have in common with someone else by simply searching the contact’s name. This feature can be used in case you’re trying to remember the name of a group you know you share with someone or you want to see the groups you’re both in.

The rollout of these new updates follows the rollout of Communities last year —the feature which enables people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella with a structure that works for them.

“Since launching, we’ve wanted to build even more tools for admins and users alike.“

The new group updates will start rolling out globally in the coming weeks.


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