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Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chatbot is Now Available to Everyone

Microsoft has opened up its its ChatGPT-powered version of Bing to nearly everyone who wants to use it without the need to wait.

Through a partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Microsoft last month launched its ChatGPT-powered version of Bing in a limited beta which in return, brought the site engine a bunch of new users — reaching 100 million daily active users.

Now, the company has opened up the new Bing to nearly everyone who wants to use it without the need to wait.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm the change, and the signup page still says “join the waiting list,” according to Windows Central, they have had multiple people gain access to the new Bing without having to be put on a waiting list.

This new development comes a day after Microsoft confirmed that the new Bing has been powered by the GPT-4 engine for the last five weeks. Meanwhile, OpenAI unveiled it just two days ago.

To get access to the new Bing, you must have the latest version of Microsoft’s Edge browser then head over to and tap the “join waitlist” button and sign in with your Microsoft Account. You will be granted access straight away.

New Bing is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices and it can only be accessed using the Edge browser, and not on Safari or Google Chrome. However, Microsoft confirmed that it will also be made available on other browsers at a later date.

Microsoft will be holding an event today called “Reinventing productivity with AI,” in which it will be introducing AI-powered tools for its Microsoft 365 suite and SalesForce rival Dynamic 365, and we just have to wait and see if it will use this event to also announce the changes with Bing.


Winnie Nantongo

Winnie is a tech reporter with a passion for digital media & communications.
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