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Innovative Tools for Students: Advancements in Educational Technology

One of the most helpful and innovative solutions for students is the use of advancements regarding the learning methods that we know as learning management systems.

One of the most helpful and innovative solutions for students is the use of advancements regarding the learning methods that we know as learning management systems. While most students and parents think that it comes down to virtual classrooms, it is way more than that. Let us assume a classroom educational technology called Edmodo or ClassDojo where one can track one’s success and engage in learning. The process improves as one adjusts the learning objectives to the mood and resources even. The best part of this educational solution is the ability to participate in the studies process and use inquiry-based learning.

These are some of the innovative tools for students:

1. Innovative LMS Platforms

While a lot can go under the virtual classrooms umbrella, numerous innovations available are worth checking. Even if your school uses the typical Google Classroom or turns to something like Socrative, learning the basics related to other systems is still possible. Since most solutions are free, it’s worth checking things out! This way, you will be able to feel confident when you have to cooperate with other schools or work on assignments that relate to group projects. Of course, some things may be pretty confusing, so it’s recommended to check WritingUniverse as a great solution to save time as you approach an expert to proofread things. Even if you may use something innovative like grammar checkers or intelligent chatbots like ChatGPT, using human help for your LMS challenges is always beneficial.


2. Quizlet

If you want to add fun to your learning process and keep things innovative as you train your memory and other cognitive skills, using Quizlet is a great platform. It works with flashcards and implements gamification. Moreover, it’s suitable for all ages, making creating special study sets possible even for primary school students. It is an excellent example of technology that helps to inspire and take things to another level.

3. Visme

Another great innovative tool for students that works for scenarios where you need to create reports and infographics to showcase that you have done your homework right. It’s especially good for adding visuals and dealing with varied data sets. You can easily add your creations to your assignment and make things interactive. The learning curve is almost non-existent, and it has an excellent interface that will help you work with the visuals without taking too much time.

4. Prezi

Creating an interactive presentation is never easy, even when you have all the bright ideas! Luckily, you can use digital solutions to create a fantastic slideshow. Even if you have never tried similar tools before and do not know where to start, numerous online tutorials will help you out. It’s both suitable for teachers as they have to devise a lesson plan and can be an effortless solution for student projects that you have to complete on time. It is much easier than PowerPoint and can help you to make things more unique and inspiring.

5. Scratch

Most students would like to create something innovative and use a plethora of digital tools that can take things beyond essays and reading textbooks. Scratch is an awesome innovation that can help to use games, interaction, the art of storytelling, web design, and animation. It’s an excellent way for a student to think and analyze the content as one creates unique multimedia trees to explain the concept, hierarchies, and even short movies for History or Sociology lessons. While K-12 students primarily use it, it is possible to use this innovative tool for any age group, as this level of interaction is second to none!

6. Schoology Platform

While the LMS systems have already been mentioned without naming anything in particular, Schoology always stands out by allowing teachers to stay in control and letting students distribute assignments, ask questions, see statistical data, and even track learning progress. The best part about this solution is the set of helpful features that can make it possible for learners to stay organized and see things through the lens of an average teacher. You can add assignment descriptions, ask questions by sharing audio or video files, scan through the grade book, receive a set of learning rules, and more. If you are a responsible student or want to find out why you cannot find a way to overcome procrastination or why your grammar is poor, it is one of the best free solutions to consider.

Learning How to Leave a Digital Print Correctly

It’s relatively easy to use all the possible gadgets and a plethora of learning apps to become a better student! Still, you must learn how to advertise yourself and use social media platforms correctly to leave a positive digital print. It should work just like a resume because it is precisely how you can earn a scholarship, consider better internship options for your subject, or even join one of the international projects. How you achieve that is another matter since there are many ways to do that, yet you must create a positive influence and remain a responsible person who shows a good attitude, adherence to social issues, and respect.



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