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6 Helpful Tricks to Spice Up Your Remote Presentation in 2022

Presentations that combine attractive designs, pleasant layouts, and data visualizations serve as show-stoppers for your presentations.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 prompted companies all across the world to move from working in offices to working from home (WFH). Because of worldwide lockdowns, all firms, large and small, shifted their operations from offices to remote locations.

With the pandemic still raging in many countries, the WFH trend is likely to continue. PowerPoint presentations evolved as a strong tool for virtual conferencing among all of them. They became the industry standard for conducting webinars, virtual conferences, and online office meetings.

Presentations provide a tremendous platform for business professionals to differentiate themselves from their competition. Your audience is at home during a remote presentation session. As a result, it becomes even more important to make it top-notch in order to keep their attention.

A dreary and drab presentation will undoubtedly put your distant stakeholders and customers to sleep. But how can you create fascinating and captivating slide presentations while managing your home life? This article will work as your go-to resource for creating jaw-dropping presentations.

Here are six pointers to help any working professional to create captivating remote presentations:

1. Pick a Vibrant Color Scheme

With so many different colors to pick from, you don’t want your remote slide deck templates to seem drab and dull. To impress your virtual audience, be sure to include a colorful charm in your decks.

Like nothing else, dynamic presentations with brilliant color schemes can wow your WFH audience. When choosing the colors for your slides, keep color contrast in mind. For maximum impact, use dark text on a light background and vice versa.

To keep the color constant, avoid utilizing more than 2-3 colors across the slides. Another great suggestion is to use your or your client’s logo colors to make your presentations look amazing.

When it comes to color schemes or branding your company via presentations, design consistency is essential. You may utilize professional PowerPoint templates to guarantee pixel-perfect design from start to finish.

2. Leverage Attractive Slide Templates

Stock templates with uninteresting slide patterns are a thing of the past. They often fail to differentiate your deck from the crowd of presentations sent every day. Professionally designed Slides templates are a game changer for making remote presentations engaging.

Furthermore, the Google Slides themes help you save time since you no longer have to construct a presentation from the start. Professional PowerPoint slide deck templates can help you assure consistency, design expertise, and increased engagement in your presentations.

SlideUpLift offers bright and appropriate slide templates for creating impressive presentations. Their 100% modifiable and five-star templates can flawlessly polish any slide deck, leaving your audience speechless.

To boost your slide content, use corporate-ready layouts that correspond to your branding niche. These templates capture and hold your audience’s attention throughout the presentation. Engagement is a game changer for presentations when you’re speaking remotely! You can do the same thing with the aid of ready-to-use templates.

3. Use Multimedia for Better Engagement

Every presenter should understand that adding pixel-perfect visuals to their slides gives them a certain appeal. Remote presentations need slide decks that are infused with maximum visual appeal in order to keep your audience glued to the screen.

You don’t want them to fall asleep with all text and no pictures. The problem is that no one wants to read the text directly from the slides. Visuals can aid your presentation in unexpected ways.

Someone once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Integrate vector pictures, captivating iconography, GIFs, and HD videos that are relevant to your theme. Make your remote slide presentation visually appealing to ensure its immediate success. Remember that graphics can also help your audience understand your presentation concepts.

4. Stick to 1 Concept Per Slide

In the absence of face-to-face engagement, corporate leaders must create visually consistent presentations. A chaotic slide presentation will only add to your audience’s frustration. To keep them simple and tidy, simply include one concept on each slide.

Keep in mind that your internet customers are easily distracted throughout your remote presentation. As a result, a simpler slide layout will draw people into your slide deck and make the slide concepts more logical. To prevent visual clutter, avoid adding too many themes on one slide and stick to just one.

5. Integrate Data Visualisations

All entrepreneurs and business professionals must understand that figures and statistics provided in data visualization elevate your PowerPoint. Your remote audience’s attention span is less than that of in-person presentations.

The attention span is challenging to maintain, especially in distant meetings. Professional but appealing images can increase engagement in a variety of ways. Constantly bombarding your audience with information will cause them to leave your presentations.

Beautiful data visualizations can help you structure your data. To illustrate your data, use color-coded charts, timelines, bar graphs, histograms, and shapes. It also makes your data more accessible to your virtual audience.

Your audience would want to make some conclusions at the end of your presentation. You can’t start a call to action if they don’t grasp the statistics. With exceptional charts, you can credibly present your sales research and anticipate trends.

6. Stay Energized and Interact

To keep the communication line open, your customers are constantly in front of you via in-office presentations. Every presenter’s primary responsibility is to excite, communicate, and maintain a continual conversational flow. Make your slides tell a fascinating story and deliver them with excellent communication.

To solve their doubts, arrange Q&A sessions with your stakeholders in the middle or conclusion of the presentation. To get people to engage in your presentation, highlight crucial topics and perform polls and timely surveys. It will also help to keep kids busy and aware. Also, don’t forget to add some comedy to make it seem less robotic.

Wrapping It Up
You’re all set with the finest ideas and strategies for creating unique and engaging remote slide presentations. Presentations that combine attractive designs, pleasant layouts, and data visualizations serve as show-stoppers for your presentations.

As the global workforce transitions to remote working, transformative virtual conferencing and presentations are here to stay. To attain professional heights, all business professionals should build and present their remote decks using these recommendations.


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