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Hon. Godfrey Kabbyanga Launches the E-Trade and Startup Association

Safeboda, Jumia, Tugende, join Efforts with Two more Startups to launch the E-Trade and Startup Association. (Photo Credit: PC Tech)

eCommerce startups and organizations in Uganda can now exercise inclusive trade, create jobs across the world, and achieve economic growth under one autonomous body — The E-Trade and Startup Association of Uganda which was officially launched on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 at the Fair Hotel in Kampala by Hon. Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga, the State Minister for National Guidance on behalf of Hon. Chris Baryomunsi.

The E-Trade and Startup Association of Uganda which was founded by Safeboda, Jumia, Tugende, and KTA Advocates —and in a short period of time grown to be major contributors to job creation and national tax revenues.

Hon. Kabbyanga on behalf of Hon. Chris Baryomunsi applauded the E-Trade and Startup Association founders for bringing together industry players under an umbrella body, an avenue through which they can have a voice that the government can listen to when addressing any issues at hand. “The government will ensure there are good laws and infrastructure to enable businesses to thrive,” he said.

The E-Trade and Startup Association Ag. Chairperson Ron Kawamara (Jumia Uganda CEO) said the development of the Association comes at the right time when eCommerce is on its way to growth and development in Uganda. “The eCommerce ecosystem has grown and we will continue to leverage growth and scale out consumers in Uganda.” “We are at the receiving end of the government.”

The co-founder and CEO of Tugende Limited Michael Wilkerson said the E-Trade and startups under this Association will in a short time become some of the largest taxpayers and job creators in Uganda.

“Startups and eCommerce businesses are not just about elites, we are seeing digital opportunities providing livelihoods and opportunities for rural farmers as well as fishermen on lakes, the same way for boda boda riders, right up to the top senior civil servants,” said Wilkerson.

In cooperation with the business for E-Trade and Startup development, a private-sector-led advisory council that encompasses large corporations and small businesses from within Uganda, E-Trade and Startup Association of Uganda fosters inclusive development by promoting the uptake of eCommerce amongst its members.

By joining the platform, organizations can connect with potential partners, learn about trends and best practices, access up-to-date eCommerce data, and be informed of upcoming eCommerce events, and fundraising, among so many benefits.

eCommerce players have invested over USD$300 million in the last 5 years and revenues of between USD$10 million to USD$15 million are remitted to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) annually.


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