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10 Top Sites To Buy Instagram Followers For Your Online Brand

There are many websites and companies that claim to boost your following by selling you Instagram followers. Here are the top ten websites where you can buy Instagram followers online.

Are you looking to buy Instagram followers? If so, you’re not alone: Many individuals, brands, and influencers alike have considered buying followers to bulk up their Instagram accounts.

Having a large number of followers on this social media platform can be beneficial. The more followers you have, the more people will see your posts and learn about your brand. A large number of followers also acts as social proof. If someone new visits your account and sees that you have a lot of followers, they’ll be more likely to follow you, too.

There are many websites and companies that claim to boost your following by selling you Instagram followers. Here are the top ten websites where you can buy Instagram followers online.


Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps you get more organic Instagram followers. This platform works with over 100,000 Instagram accounts, from influencers to business owners to agencies. Kicksta has helped these clients gain millions of followers.

However, it’s important to note that Kicksta is a little different than other options on this list — and that’s exactly why it’s so effective. With Kicksta, you don’t buy followers. Instead, this platform uses a unique artificial intelligence technology to attract followers to your target audience.

How does this work? When you sign up with Kicksta, you’ll create a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to attract (for instance, maybe your competitors). Kicksta will then use your Instagram account to “like” a few photos from each user who follows those target accounts. Those people will come to check out your Instagram — and ideally, they’ll decide to stick around.

Kicksta works for every industry and focuses on gaining you followers who are truly interested in your brand. Plus, this Instagram growth service offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Most clients see steady follower growth over time.


Upleap claims to help you grow your account faster through buying Instagram followers. If you’re looking to buy Instagram followers on Upleap, you can choose from two types of followers: standard or premium.

Standard followers are accounts with profile pictures, but lower activity. Premium followers are active accounts with frequent posts.

Upleap’s rates start at $3 for 100 standard followers. There’s no password required, and the followers will be delivered as soon as possible to your account (typically within about three minutes). All orders come with a replacement guarantee and dedicated support.

Upleap’s most selected package is 500 followers for $5. The most affordable package is 1,000 followers for $9.


Famoid sells Instagram followers and likes for your account. You can start by getting 25 Instagram followers as a free trial. Famoid doesn’t ask for a password or any information beyond your username and email address, and you can use the service every 24 hours.

Famoid’s pricing starts at $3.95 for 100 followers. According to the site, these are premium followers that are real, active, and safe. They’ll be gradually delivered to your account. Pricing goes up to $199.95 for 15,000 followers.

In addition to selling followers, Famoid also sells Instagram likes, video views, and Reel views and likes.


Blastup sells “real Instagram followers, likes, and views.” Blastup’s Instagram followers are high-quality and will be instantly delivered to your account. Pricing begins at $2.99 for 100 followers, with no password required. The most expensive package is $9.99 for 1,000 followers.

According to Blastup, your followers are delivered instantly; they’ll start rolling in as soon as your payment is approved. Depending on how many followers you purchased, it may take 10-45 minutes for all of the followers to be delivered.

Blastup also offers an automatic follower refill. If your following dips within 30 days, Blastup will automatically top off your account. Customer support is also available to help with any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

Blastup states that its only claim is convenience — you can buy cheap Instagram followers. The brand doesn’t claim that you gain active followers. This website also sells Instagram likes and views.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta bills itself as your solution for gaining more Instagram followers. You can get free followers, or opt to purchase followers for your account.

Mr. Insta’s free plan works like this. You’ll create an account on the website and activate the free plan, which will run for 48 hours. All you need to do is follow 10 target profiles and ensure your IG account is public. Then Mr. Insta promises you’ll receive 25 real followers — not bots — within 48 hours.

The other way to get followers with Mr. Insta is to pay a monthly subscription price to gain a certain number of new followers each day (such as $20 per month for 15 daily followers). You don’t need to follow any profiles, and your new followers will be delivered every 24 hours. You can cancel your plan at any time.

Mr. Insta also sells automatic likes and has a plan for free likes. The website claims that all new followers you receive are other users just like yourself.


Calling itself the most trusted source of Instagram engagement, ViralRace lets you buy real, active Instagram followers instantly. Pricing starts at $2.99 for 100 followers and goes up to $99.99 for 10,000 followers. ViralRace sells real, instant followers that come with a high retention rate (so they’re likely to stay on your account). According to the site, all of your followers are “real, breathing people.”

When you buy followers, your order will take a few hours to a few days to complete. ViralRace provides 24/7 customer support. The company works with Instagram’s algorithm rather than against it so your account won’t get banned.


Instafollowers sells real Instagram followers with instant delivery. The high-quality followers sold by this platform are real-looking, artificial followers to make your account more visible and popular to your target audience.

To make a purchase, enter your username and the number of followers you want. Pricing starts at $0.54 for 10 followers. Instafollowers will show your estimated delivery time, and you can complete your purchase.

The website states that the services you buy will be permanent — you won’t see any decrease in followers. If you do, Instafollowers guarantees they’ll refill your losses six months after your purchase. helps you grow your Instagram presence with Instagram followers, likes, and views. Forget nameless bots — says they make sure your followers are real. engages with other Instagram users on your behalf to help direct traffic back to your account.

Premium Followers are 100% guaranteed with no drop. High-quality followers have complete profiles including a unique profile picture. This means nobody will be able to tell that they were bought.

Pricing starts at $5.94 for 100 followers.


Buzzoid sells the fastest Instagram followers and likes on the market. Choose from two types of followers: high-quality followers (which have profile pictures, but no further uploads on their accounts) and active followers (which are guaranteed with little to no drop).

Pricing for high-quality followers starts at $3.30 for 100 followers. Active followers cost $15.99 for 500 followers. Both types of followers have fast delivery with no password required.


Twicsy helps you boost your Instagram presence in minutes. Purchase high-quality IG followers for $3.63 for 100 followers. Or opt for active followers — which are real live accounts — at a rate of $23.98 for 500 followers.

Twicsy followers are delivered immediately, with no password required. Enjoy 24/7 live support to walk you through the process.



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