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How To Start Making Money Online With Yellow Card

The process is fast and easy takes less than a minute, you can have your account up and running in three easy steps

In a recent chat with Yellow Card’s Country Director —Abel Namureeba, PC Tech Magazine brought you all info about what you needed to know about Yellow Card and how one could benefit.

The prospect of making money from crypto is what has drawn many to the crypto world. And rightly so, for the majority of traders who find it tough to get started, especially due to the set requirements and slow speed in approving an account.

Yellow Card Financial is changing the face of trading crypto by enabling traders in Uganda to buy and ​​sell instantly at the best prices. The process is fast and easy. In less than a minute, you can have your account set up and running —and thereby you can start trading.

To create your Yellow Card account, you can use the Yellow Card URL or the Yellow Card mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android users. Creating your account will require your Full Name, Phone Number, and email address, ONLY. After this, your account will be verified and you are good to go.

Once your account is created;

  1. Fund your account through any of Yellow Card’s multiple payment methods. You can easily fund your account through a bank transfer or much more easily through Mobile Money.
  2. With your account funded, start trading Crypto, Ethereal, and Tether instantly. You can even decide to trade against the Ugandan Shilling. Moreover, Yellow Card has the best prices to trade.

The Yellow Card platform is built on the premise of causing financial inclusion for all. The platform also boasts as the most secure place to have your money kept as security is one of their top priorities.

The security of customers’ funds is Yellow Card’s top priority. Their distributed system is built from the ground up and they use muti-sig wallets to ensure funds are safe at all times – this is much more reason to trust the Yellow Card Wallets.

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