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5 Tips for a Successful Online Product Launch

You can start a wonderful journey, or you can end it in a fiasco when you launch a new product. Taking care of this moment is crucial.

You can start a wonderful journey, or you can end it in a fiasco when you launch a new product. Taking care of this moment is crucial.

Over the past years, the term “growth hacking” has become quite a buzzword as marketers look for creative ways to ensure rapid growth. Growth hacking is something that startups use to gain a quick foothold in the market, but it is equally useful for companies of any size. Here are five web design company Sacramento using growth hacking for new products.

  1. Focus on People, Not Products

It’s easy to assume that your customers feel the same way as your company when launching a new product with impressive technical specs. However, they don’t. They are concerned with their problems and how your product will fit into their lives

That’s the way your marketing needs to be framed. Instead, show them how your product will improve their lives rather than merely describing what it does or why it is superior. People get excited about that.

  1. Organize a Pre-Launch Giveaway

It is crucial to create an expectation and excitement for a product’s launch weeks, if not months in advance. By doing this, pre-launch contests and giveaways are some of the most popular methods of marketing. Offer a free giveaway to a select group of participants in return for spreading the word about your product. Various options are available: Instagram contests, awards for the most creative ideas, giveaways, etc.

No matter what option you choose, work on developing viral content or ideas for your product. Make sure your messages don’t seem like spam and offer extra points for bringing friends.

  1. Speed up your website

Making sure your e-commerce website is running at top speed is a trick that is as simple as it is effective because a slow-loading website is one of the most frustrating things on the internet. Users and brands benefit from a fast, fluid website. You can install some tools to make your website load faster, many of which entail coding and behind-the-scenes processes. We recommend consulting with an expert if you need help. If you need a quick fix, you can ensure your images are clear and not too large. You will run your website more slowly if the image is large.

  1. Boost Your Organic Visibility

Essentially, you must have good search engine optimization. It is much easier to show off your new product than starting from the beginning when you have a well-ranked website on search engines. Providing users with helpful information is the key to effective search engine optimization. Optimize the following areas: Keywords, Meta Descriptions, and The first paragraph of text.

  1. Take Pre-Orders

The launch strategy that most people overlook is this one. Almost all long-running companies have a set of customers who will purchase anything they release. People will line up in droves as soon as you announce the product, eager to get their hands on the first units. Isn’t it better to let them? Since pre-orders are generally not counted until the product ships, the orders that arrived over weeks are all added up on launch day.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t possible. Before you know what the final price will be, you can’t offer pre-orders. The enthusiasm can still be harnessed. If you don’t know your pricing, let buyers know how to sign up for updates. If possible, include an offer for pre-ordering in those updates.


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