6 Apex Legends Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

We shed light on some top-secret tips of Apex Legends that a standard player would not know.

It has been a while since the sensation that is Apex Legends swept the world and enchanted the gaming community to spend countless hours mastering the game. Pro gamers, newbies, veterans of the first-person shooting genre, no one is immune from the addictiveness of this game, and those who have played this game agree with this point wholeheartedly.

Apex Legends adds a fun factor to usual stale first-person tactical shooter games and can be enjoyed by both seasoned tactical players and casual gamers who want to enjoy their time with a fun play.

Another thing that adds to the Apex Legends is that no one is actually close to mastering the gameplay even after two years of its release. Sure, some experienced players perform better than others, but that is because they know secret tips that most Apex Legends players are not aware of. No longer will they hoard that knowledge as we shed light on some top-secret tips of Apex Legends that a standard player would not know. Moreover, you can follow to get more tips that no one knows and make use of the below-mentioned points also to improve your gameplay.

So, without further ado, here are some secret Apex Legends tips.

1. Make the most of sliding.
Not many gamers know this, but you do not have to look at your destined direction while sliding in Apex Legends. Depending on the length of the decline, once you reach the max speed, you can easily look in other directions without losing the speed or your desired direction as the slope will move you in the right direction without any further input from your side. One can even utilize this feature to target a nearby enemy as they have to only focus on aiming and not on evading the return fire as they are constantly on the move.

2. Melee can evade the downed enemy’s shield.
One of the most frustrating thing in the Apex Legend’s gameplay is when a downed enemy just refuses to accept the inevitability of their defeat and die. While no one should accept their fate without trying their best, it nevertheless irritates the attacking players whose attacks are just being rebuffed by the downed player’s shield. But there is a way you can get around that, and that is by using melee attacks. Melee attacks cannot be shielded and have the added benefit of not being detected by nearby opponents. With a maximum of four melee attacks, you can make sure to add the downed enemy to your kill count.

3. Make use of the Caustic’s poisonous gas.
Caustic’s poisonous gas could be a helpful tool if he is your teammate. Caustic’s poisonous gas doesn’t deal significant damage to the enemy combatants, but it slowly ticks their health little by little, and in a game where minor health damage could be fatal, players tend to avoid Caustic’s poisonous gas. This could give you cover if you are planning to sneak up on an enemy. You should keep in mind that while Caustic’s poisonous gas would not damage your health, but it would daze your character.

4. Grab onto the zipline while midair
In Apex Legends, mobility is the key to victory, and it is also one of its coolest features. Top players of the game make use of flanking, climbing, and sliding to gain the upper hand against their opponents in a battle, but only a few can make the best use of a zipline. Yes, a zipline is the fastest way in the game for one to move from one place to another, but you can also use the zipline to make a quick getaway if you jump on it and latch onto it midair; though you should keep in mind that freefalling on the zipline would not help you achieve this goal.

5. Increase your speed by holstering your weapon
As mentioned in previous points, mobility is a key component of Apex Legends, and developers have focused on providing gamers with as much mobility possible in the gameplay. In Apex Legends, a player can quickly increase the speed of their character by holstering the gun. This is a feature you will not find in many first-person shooter games, and while you can sprint quickly by holstering your weapon, do keep in mind that it could leave you vulnerable to an attack.

6. Ping empty slots in your inventory to notify your teammates about your requirement.
One helpful feature in Apex Legends is that you can easily ping your teammates with what you need and are lacking by pinging the empty slot of your inventory. This would make your teammates aware of your requirements, and they can quickly notify you if they find something you need in a loot box.

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