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What You Need To Know About UBA’s New Banking App

United Bank of Africa (UBA) releases a new version of their banking app, our quick review!

A seamless digital banking experience had not seemed feasible yet, the new UBA mobile app which is available for download on Google PlayStore (Android) or the App Store (iOS) has made financial transactions so enjoyable and near flawless. The app has a combination of both traditional and innovative features, and the newer app (the revamped app) that was released this year has more updates.

As an overview, the new app assumes the role of a Personal Financial Manager and allows you to plan your budget and finances better while allowing customers to view their expenses according to various categories. It creates behavioral insight for customers.

In addition to being able to manage multiple accounts under different account categories, customers can schedule bills to be paid at a later date or to be paid immediately; save for goals in a target-oriented manner; and set an account spending limit; as well as the regular bank app features such as make transfers and top-up airtime.

An important feature in the new app gives is the privacy feature, when you wave over your phone sensor when the app is open, your account balance is hidden. This is such a great shortcut to have especially in emergencies.

The app operates in the 20 countries (Uganda inclusive) of UBA’s operation making it possible to interact in multiple languages. Customers in any of these countries, including Nigeria, will find it easy to locate nearby automatic teller machines (ATMs) in addition to being able to lock, freeze, cancel and block ATM cards connected to their accounts. Cheques can also be confirmed, requested, and stopped right from the app.

UBA’s loan platforms ‘Click Credit’ are available on the new app, with the option available strictly for salary earners. If an account qualifies for a loan, the customer can simply request the amount needed and click ‘Request loan’.

Whether you have an existing account with UBA or not, downloading the app is a good way to begin your digital banking journey which will leave you in awe and satisfied which your choice of finance management.

Introducing the New UBA Mobile App
Every bank has a banking app now but unfortunately not all understand what their customers need. UBA has continued to innovate its digital platforms, seeing as it was the first bank to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into its banking services. In the mid-2020, there was an upgrade of their mobile banking app and early this year the bank released a revamped app with even more advanced features. I’ve been impressed with this journey and I’ll run through the new features briefly.

One of the most impressive improvements is the sleek and seamless user interface that makes the app appealing to use, with 3 different themes that you can choose from. The way it looks and flows makes you want to keep using it. The opening page makes it easy to either register with your existing account or create a new account with the bank, if you are opening a new saving or current account you can open one with or without a Bank Verification Number (BVN), a biometric technology with a secure unique identifier to analyze human characteristics as an enhanced form of authentication for real-time security processes.

When logged in, it is quite simple and easy to navigate. A new feature is the ability to block your card or request a new one based on what you need and decide what areas you want it to operate. It gives you increased control over your card transactions.

The new app is incredibly fast with a significantly reduced number of steps required to carry out transactions. You can use the app for budgeting and loan applications. The app now allows you to view your expenses according to various categories —works like your very own finance manager as you can track your expenses and access your bank statement easily and swiftly.

The app is also incredibly secure and was designed with multiple-factor authentication security features making it difficult to hack. It includes a voice recognition feature for the virtually impaired.

UBA has put a lot of work into revamping the app because of the many little nifty features such as the ‘wave to hide balance’ feature, low data usage, easy usability across operating systems, the blur balance feature to mention a few in addition to the previous features of the app.

The UBA App is one of the best banking mobile apps I’ve used, hope to see what the bank plans next.

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