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FEATURE: An Overview of Mobile Application Testing

Let us have an understanding of the various types of mobile application testing and how they would benefit the business and the consumers.

Modern customers are technology-centric as they demand mobile applications for education, entertainment, and a host of other activities. In the process of mobile application process development, the concept of end-to-end mobile testing would be at an initial phase. Within a short period of time, a high-end quality product is delivered. Let us have an understanding of the various types of mobile testing and how they would benefit the business and the consumers.

The number of mobile app users is increasing at a major pace and new benchmarks would emerge by the current year. If you classify the users nearly 40 % belong to the social media users category with gaming in 10% of the solutions.

The reasons why mobile app testing is vital
The developers have no scope of error in the competitive driven world. An average user would not compromise when it comes to a mobile application. There might be issues with slow loading, navigation, crashes, or breach of a security app, the users would simply abandon it.

So as to make a mark in the cutthroat world of competition, the app should be scalable, user-friendly, and compatible with all the devices. It is possible if you plan properly and implement an end-to-end strategy in the development process. Let us try to figure out the reasons why testing is important and why a company cannot survive without it.

  • It is not possible at the end of a company to function without a quality control process, but it is never going to succeed as projects are likely to have some issues.
  • For any successful completion of a project, testing is vital as at an early stage performance gaps are identified. It is possible to fix them without having an impact on the overall price.

Mobile and their testing types
There are numerous types of mobile testing that ensure complete control for a solution since it observes it from numerous angles. The app has to be tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability and when you launch it globally it has to work seamlessly. Let us observe the various types of mobile app testing and their functional features

Functional testing
The functional testing goes on to check the functional features of a solution and tries to figure out whether it would work under specific requirements. Some points need to be verified as follows

  • Installation along with running.
  • On the app, there might be an influence of interruptions.
  • Updates influence the app.
  • Device resources.
  • Business functionalities.

Performance testing
The performance of the mobile app is tested to check the operations, stability of the app, or be it consumption of resources over various conditions. There is a need to verify a series of points

  • The load test indicates the response time to numerous request types.
  • Stress test points to the working capacity at an increased load.
  • Concurrency test where the app users are known to work in a simultaneous manner.

Usability testing
This is a type of test that determines the functionality of the software as it would be in response to the observations of the users. What it means is that you need to ensure that the app has an interactive interface and provides a positive experience to the users. There are some points that need to be verified like design, layout,  text clarity along with navigation logic.

Compatibility testing
The performance of the software is tested on various devices, mobile platforms, etc. Numerous subtypes of compatibility testing are there like database testing or cross-browser testing.


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