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How To Load The MTN Freedom Bundles With the MyMTN App

MTN freedom bundles are exclusively available for purchase via the MyMTN app.

Telecommunication firm; MTN Uganda last month launched bigger MTN freedom bundles that last indefinitely with no validity date. The new freedom bundles came as an addition to the small package that were launched in 2019. Despite being small, the freedom bundles were well received by MTN customers, prompting MTN to take the notch higher and introduced the bigger bundles.

The MTN freedom bundles in full package come in 6MBs for UGX100, 80MBs for UGX1,000, 1GB for UGX5,000, 4GB for UGX15,000, 7GB for UGX25,000, 15GB for UGX50,000 and 40GB for UGX100,000. The bundles once loaded will be valid to use until it runs out. They have no time-frame thereby giving customers the real value for their money.

Unlike the first MTN freedom bundles, the newly introduced bundles are exclusively available for purchase via the MyMTN app. The use of the app is part of MTN’s strategy to ensure that it continues to play in the digital space by delivering products that makes the lives of customers brighter.

To load the MTN freedom bundles, launch/open your MyMTN app. If you don’t have the app, it is available for download on Google Playstore (Android), and Appstore (iOS). The app requires no internet connections to use.

  1. Launch/open the MyMTN app.
  2. From the tab options that appear below the app, select the Buy option.
  3. Once open, from the tab-grid option, select the option of data. And from the list option that appears, select Freedom Bundles.
  4. You are given up to seven freedom bundles options to select from. The bundles are 6MBs, 80MBs, 1GB, 4GB, 7GB, 15GB, and 40GB. Select the bundle of your choosing to proceed with payment.
  5. Select to buy for self or for another subscriber. Note that payment is only done using mobile money.
  6. Press continue to get a confirmation message to proceed.
  7. Press proceed and you will be requested to enter your mobile money pin to confirm payment of the freedom bundles.
  8. Your bundles are loaded instantly and you are good to use. You can load as many bundles as wish, even if your first purchase bundles haven’t expired yet.

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