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How to Activate Your MTN MyPakaPaka Minute Bundles

MyPakaPaka bundles have been specifically designed to suit each and every customer’s communication needs as a well as their budget.

When calling someone, you need to have time that is enough for you to sustain the call. This means you ought to have enough credit on your account to make that call. Otherwise, it is awful having your call cut short in the middle of a conversation. The problem here is that with credit on your phone, you can’t tell how much time you have. This is why telecommunication operators like MTN Uganda introduced voice bundles that tell how much time you can get for a fee.

In this article, we look at MTN’s MyPakaPaka bundles.

Back in 2016, MTN Uganda launched their innovative daily voice bundles custom designed to fit its customers budgets and communication needs. With the package dubbed MyPakaPaka —MTN uses the customer’s usage behavior and average spend to create three 24-hour bundles, completely unique to each customer. MyPakaPaka represents one of the best calling options for the public who are using the MTN network. It offers customers great value, allowing them to connect day and night affordably.

With these bundles you can only call users of the same network, i.e. MTN to MTN.

MyPakaPaka is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. To activate and buy them, the MTN customer is required to dial *160*1# and select their preferred bundle. On accessing the bundle, it lasts up to 24 hours before expiring. However, they can finish up before 24 hours.

How to activate;

  1. Dial *160# and select option one (1) from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select the first option, ‘MyPakaPaka Mins’.
  3. From the available three options, select the bundle you want, or the bundle you can afford.
  4. Choose either to pay with your credit [airtime] or using mobile money. Unlike mobile money where you have to authentic the pay with your pin, airtime doesn’t.
  5. Your bundle is then activated swiftly.

Notably, there is an option for MyPakaPaka MBs [from option 1 after dialing *160#]. To activate them, you have to use the MyMTN app.

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