Yoast SEO And All in One SEO Pack — What to Choose?

Yoast’s free features are enough for adequate and technically competent SEO website promotion.

All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO are perhaps the best SEO plugins for WordPress today. The first was created back in 2007, while the second was launched a few years later. Both solutions have powerful functionality for website promotion. So it’s quite difficult to decide which one to choose for your WordPress website, especially if you are new to this business and lack experience with website optimization. For you not to get lost and make an informed decision, we have prepared a detailed comparison of Yoast vs All in One SEO — keep reading to know all the truth. 

What Is Good SEO for WordPress?

It seems that many webmasters focus on the wrong things when it comes to choosing an SEO plugin for WordPress. That’s why we have listed here certain requirements for the SEO plugin on WordPress and functions it should be able to perform.

  1. Indexing — selection, tacking, management of pages that should be indexed or excluded from the index.
  2. Crawler, availability, structure — the engine must find and scan the content that you want to be scanned. There should be no excessive load on the engine. The URL structure should be logical and understandable for the engine and users, and the system should support it.
  3. Submission to search engines — the tool should display the desired page title, description, and relevant snippets.
  4. Submission of the site in social networks — When it comes to SEO, this also applies to some extent to social media promotion as part of the overall website promotion. 

Therefore, to say which of the plugins is better — All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO, we need to see what they can following the above requirements.

Yoast SEO

  • Noindex for archives — YES.
  • Noindex for selected categories — YES.
  • Apply slash in URLs — YES.
  • Redirecting attachment URLs to attachment files — YES.

All in One SEO Pack

  • Noindex for archives — NO.
  • Noindex for Selected Categories — NO.
  • Apply slash in URLs — NO.
  • Redirect attachment URLs to attachment files — NO.

Let’s dive deeper into details so that you have an idea of what to expect from every solution.


When it comes to the ability to individually set “noindex” for any page of the heading/ tag, Yoast SEO has more to offer to you. With Yoast SEO, you can completely control each page of each tag and category. This can be useful when you want, for example, to close all pages of categories and tags from indexing in one go. Unfortunately, this feature is completely absent.


Breadcrumbs can be extremely useful for navigation. They show hierarchy and help internal linking. In the All in SEO Pack, there are no bread crumb settings at all. Of course, breadcrumbs can be implemented on the site by devs. But if you are not a programmer, then you will need an alternative solution. Luckily, with Yoast SEO settings, this can be done for free. Breadcrumbs implementation will require a minimal tweaking of the theme code, but any webmaster, even without knowledge of the code, can still do it on his own.

301 Redirects 

Suppose that you want to put a 301 redirect from one page to another. You may have just deleted old articles and want to redirect them to the main page. Unfortunately, the old or free version of Yoast SEO does not provide such an opportunity. It is generally there, but it is only a part of the paid version. So if you want to get rid of obsolete, then you need to go with the paid Yoast SEO package since, in All in SEO Pack, there is no similar feature.

URL Structure

Sometimes it’s not necessary to include the category prefix in the URL structure. Yoast SEO has this feature, which gives you the freedom to control the page URL as you need. When it comes to All in SEO Pack, this feature is not supported in the plugin.

Title and Descriptions

The ability to write custom Title and Description is available in both Yoast SEO and All in One. And this is an extremely valuable feature in both plugins. However, Yoast SEO has significantly more features in this regard. The All in One SEO Pack can customize the template, but there are significantly fewer functions when it comes to metadata customization.

The ability to edit the title and description tags in the list of posts is a very nice feature in the plugin. Instead of going separately to each post and editing all the data from there, you can do this quickly in one screen — right from the page where the titles of all articles are listed. This is what All in One SEO Pack provides.

Final Verdict

The best plugin is not the one that does everything. The best WordPress plugin is one that can do the most important things. And this is not one that just has many features. It is the one that has the requested functions implemented concerning the necessary areas that are actually important.

In this post, we have described the most important features of the two plugins. Based on the above criteria and analysis, Yoast has more to offer and performs better. Wondering if All in SEO Pack has the features that are not implemented in Yoast? Of course, it does! But when we talk about the fundamental principles of SEO, then Yoast wins here.

Yoast’s free features are enough for adequate and technically competent SEO website promotion. All in SEO Pack is an old instrument, which also has many useful features. However, from a technical point of view, the tool-set and functionality available as a part of All in SEO Pack are still inferior to Yoast SEO.


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