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Editor’s Pick: How to Make Donations Through Eversend

Eversend has added a ‘Donation’ feature to its app that now allow its users to give to charity organizations. Prior the update, the fintech mobile app claimed as a neobank for Africans offered low cost cross-border money transfer, currency exchange, multi currency accounts and bill payments, loans within and beyond Africa.

The donation feature so far supports three organizations; 40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation, Boundless Minds, and Femme Forte in Uganda with plans to add others in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda.

These organisations are able to get donations from across the countries they operate but also from around the world. In addition, donor can pay in multiple currencies that eversend is currently supporting.

The donation feature was also introduced at the time the country is battling the pandemic; covid-19. Thinking it was a temporary feature, Mr. Stone Atwine; the CEO of eversend told PC Tech Magazine the feature will stay.

“Donations are permanent. For most organisations and individuals, getting donations is extremely difficult especially for African based entities fundraising from around the world. Existing platforms do not support Africa and we believe this is grossly unfair. And that’s why we jumped in,” said Atwine.

Atwine added that their product design is centered around solving real problems that their customers have. Emphasizing that going forward, “we will expand this feature to include the possibility for anyone to create a campaign and get funding from around the world.”

To donate, update your eversend app or download the latest app from Play store (Android) or App store (iOS) if you don’t have the app.

Eversend Donation so far supports three Uganda organizations with aim of expanding to other countries. (Image/Eversend)
Eversend Donation so far supports three Uganda organizations with aim of expanding to other countries. (Image/Eversend)
  1. Launch/open the app, and tap on the more in the menu below.
  2. In the options available, you will see the donations option on the right hand side in the second row.
  3. Select choose the organisation and how much you wish to donate to >> and select continue to approve the donation which will be deducted from your wallet.

Donors can see how much they’ve given over time and the total amount that has been donated by eversend members to the specific causes.

About the charity organizations eversend is supporting;

40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation
Is an independent and youth led charity organisation committed to helping vulnerable children and communities accept quality, all-round educational support and entrepreneurial training aimed at self-sustainability.

Boundless Minds
Supports work-readiness and school-to-work transition for students across the education spectrum. They aim to enhance the development of soft skills through training, community service and job matching.

Femme Forte
Promotes safe spaces for women. A not-for-profit movement that promotes and protects the rights and well-being of young women.

Notably, Atwine during a live chat session with MTN Uganda has revealed that they working tirelessly to introduce new features to the app including; supporting remittance, introducing virtual cards. He also pointed out that he looks forward to working with MTN and see that the app can as well be accessed via the MyMTN and MTN MoMo platforms.

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