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MTN MoMo App Review: Revamped Best With Visuals and Performance

Using USSD codes can be hectic sometimes, and remembering some can worsen everything considering that these telecommunication firms keep coming up new services having these codes. However, there are at times third party apps created to access these services as well as telcos having apps to access their services easily than having to dial up codes.

In this article, we briefly review the MTNMoMo application. It is MTN’s standalone application that allows its customers to carry out all kinds of mobile money services, from paying utilities, sending money in & across East Africa region, view your mobile money statements, topping up on MTN services such as buying data, airtime, voice bundles e.t.c., among others.

For those unaware might confuse the MyMTN app and the MTNMoMo app. The two applications are for the same telco but offer different services. In the MyMTN app, has a MoMo section that when clicked on directs you to open/download the MTNMoMo app.

Getting into the review — the revamped app is much better

Download from App store (iOS) or Play store (Android).

Visuals and Design
The visuals and design is perfect than before the revamp. The app is colorful in the company’s yellow. Each section is well divided, and the icons are well presented to that service offered. The design is made easier for the use to navigate through compared to its previous version.

Size and Performance
The size is less than 10MBs but it keeps increasing every time an update is made. However, updates don’t come in bigger size and also updates are rarely performed. Therefore, the size makes the app downloadable considering that the size of an application matters a lot when it comes downloading and installing apps on our phones.

The performance is good and was swift, as we noticed no lags even on a smartphone that had less space on it. The quick performance on processing transactions makes the user continuous usage for the app than when the performance of the app is slow.

The app has a 2-factor (code) authentication feature that is sent as SMS to your phone to prove verification. This authentication happens every time you open to use the application. In our opinion, it is a good security measure considering that if someone else logins to your account on a different phone, they can make transactions without your knowledge.

Downloading and Installing the MTN MoMo App
  • Visit the Google Play or Apple Store to download the application.
  • In the Search Field, Input MTN MoMo as your Keyword.
  • Choose MTN MoMo Uganda from your search results and click download.
  • Install the app and check your applications list.
  • Next up, register/login to your account for access.
How you can Login/ Signup to use the App
  • Open the App and you will be asked to input your phone number which you will do.
  • Insert your mobile money pin code and 2-factor (code) SMS sent to your phone to prove verification.
  • On successful authentication, you can now access your account’s dashboard.
  • Select the service you wish to process. Follow the prompts to complete.

Remember every time you close, on opening it to use it you will be sent a four code for authentication. This is a security measure put in place that you’re the own of the account.

While using the app, you’re not charged any fee. The only fee(s) you’re charged is while making transactions like sending money to recipients in or out the country, sending money to the bank, among others.

One of the best features on the app, is the ability to view your statement. The statement shows the total amount of money sent in and out, as well divides and shows every transaction you make on sending and receiving money. This feature makes it easier for the user to follow up on their mobile money financial transactions.

MTN MoMo App Review

Visuals and Design - 100%
Size and Performance - 70%
Security - 90%


User Rating: 1.7 ( 1 votes)

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