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Teheca to Represent Uganda at the Global Seedstars Summit

Uganda-based healthcare startup; Teheca emerged as a promising startup to represent Uganda at the global seedstars summit. Teheca at the Kampala pitch event and the Seedstars Africa Summit, managed to convince the jury — getting their spot to travel for the global finals in Switzerland in April.

Teheca beat its competition, Too Good, Ogaget Holding LTD, Yunga Technologies, Ugabus, Paat Soil Clinic, gnuGrid Africa, The Online Butchery, and Chap Chap Africa before traveling to South Africa for the seedstars Africa summit where they were also selected along 9 other startups to represent Africa and their respective countries at the global finals.

The nine are; Roque Online (Angola), Crop2Cash (Nigeria), Exuus (Rwanda), Pezesha (Kenya), OKO Finance (Mali), Gambia (Gambia), Nvoicia (Ghana), Vectra (South Africa), and Afrikamart (Senegal). All competing for USD$500, 000 (approx. UGX1.9 billion) in equity investment and some unique growth opportunities — with other startups around the global.

“Teheca representing Uganda at the global stage is both a great honor and privilege. We believe that our participation at the Seedstars world summit will put us in front of the right people (mentors, investors, and partners) as well as support us towards achieving our seed fundraising goal of $200k which is key in propelling our company growth,” Ruyonga Daniel; Chief Executive Teheca told PC Tech Magazine.

He added that, “we hope that we can be able to not only win the award but also represent the different businesses and opportunities that exist in our startup ecosystem and country.”

Teheca is a platform for personalized and convenient access to post birth care services and support through connecting mothers to nurses for in home checkup.

Since 2015, the startup has evolved to focus on increasing uptake of postnatal care services by mothers across sub Saharan Africa through education of mothers via SMS, mobile application, and social media.

Past winners of this global award include; Giraffe (South Africa – 2016), Acudeen Technologies (Philippines – 2017 ), AgroCenta (Ghana – 2018), and Blended (Argentina – 2019).

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