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Side by Side Comparison of MyMTN App and My Airtel App

USSD can at times be a nightmare, dial after dial to get to what you want. For instance, buying internet bundles, you dial the USSD code respective to your ISP. Afterwards, you follow options from step one, to the final step (the acceptance message). While this might be hectic (using USSD codes), using an alternative like a mobile application may ease it — one way or the other.

With a number of USSD codes, some people are not in position to keep up or even remembering the basic codes like *131#, *150#, *165#, *185#, among others.

Telecommunication firms MTN and Airtel are easing this using mobile application. The telcos introduced utility apps; MyMTN and My Airtel for their consumers to purchase internet bundles, airtime & SMS, OTT, send money, to mention a few — without the need to use USSD codes. However, the downside is one has to have internet connection to be in position of using the app.

Side by side comparison of the two applications
The MyMTN app is 50MB and the My Airtel app is 60MB downloadable size. Both apps are available on App store (iOS) and Play store (Android). The two apps don’t consume too much data while in use with the maximum roughly 1MB or less.

What the App Can or Can’t Do
Both apps allow you to buy; Airtime, Internet Bundles, Voice Bundles, SMS, International & Roaming Bundles. Unlike the My Airtel app, with the MyMTN app you can as well purchase Over-the-Top (OTT) tax. On the other hand, both apps allow you to purchase internet bundles or airtime for another user.

Unlike MyMTN app, My Airtel app allows you to carry out mobile money transaction in the same app as well as send to bank. MyMTN redirects you to download a separate app; MTN MoMo if the user intends to carry out mobile money transactions.

The My Airtel app allows its users to as well pay bills including; UMEME, NWSC, URA, TV, School Fees, Betting & Gambling, among others.

Design and Interface
The MyMTN app has a good and seamless design and interface compared to the My Airtel app. The My Airtel app is more congested considering it is handling more compared to MyMTN app.w

When designing mobile application, ‘ease to use’ is key. While reviewing the My Airtel app, it took us a while to locate option to buy SMS, airtime, voice bundles which was so easy with the MyMTN app.

To buy internet bunldes, SMS, airtime, voice bundles, among others, the user selects ‘Recharge’ from the quick action options. From here, the user inputs their number or another recipient >> select browse plans — to select your preference plan; data pack, voice bundles, SMS, International or Roaming Bundles.

Color & Responsiveness
Both telcos used their official colors which are appealing to the users eyes. The response of the app on the other hand was perfect and we experienced no lags.

Who Wins on What
This is on a personal perspective and is not biased in any way.

MyMTN app wins on design and interface. The app is insightful unlike the My Airtel app whose design and interface is bit more tricky. The process to purchase something is longer than/compared to the MyMTN app.

Mobile money integration, the My Airtel app wins unlike the MyMTN app where one has to download a separate standalone application, MTN MoMo.

On size, the MyMTN app is small at 50Mbs compared to the My Airtel App whose size is 60Mbs. App size is considered by developers this to satisfy the user and easily manages space on ones handset.

The My Airtel apps allows users to pay for other utilities including; UMEME, NWSC, URA, TV, School Fees, Betting & Gambling — which is an advantage to the user that the MyMTN app does not offer.


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