At most times, we tend to ignore what good is in front of us and appreciate the work our fellow citizens do. Today we’ve gathered some of the mobile applications that are developed by young developers here in Uganda. Apps designed for social, banking & finance, utilities, shopping, news & blogs, entertainment, games…. and so forth.

Some of these might be the solution to some of your problems; like why not pay your utilities with MyMTN.

So most of these developers are seen in several Hackthorns, Innovation Hubs..where they might be challenged at developing mobile apps to help their communities, and perhaps some develop them as a hobby, others for a name few reasons.

Of recent Vodafone Uganda partnered with Marie Stopes Uganda together with Hostalite Ltd gathered, 14 Ugandan Universities to develop mobile application solutions expected to increase the uptake of sexual reproductive health information and services. #Hack4Ag Uganda which was held in Jinja also aimed at developing ICT innovation tools to empower small holder farmers where four out of the six application will be adopted and funded under the the Ministry of Agriculture with funding from the World Bank, according to the sources we received on our desk.

However, in the end, we’ve those that have managed to complete their apps and have them hosted..and also have those that have completed their apps but have no financial support to have them hosted. Well, if you’ve a sponsor, then good for you!

Anyway, after these apps are developed and hosted, many of us might not have the slightest idea that they exist.

We want to recognize some of these apps in their categories:


  1. Smile Voice.
  2. Mara Messenger.
  3. MTN UG Assistant.
  4. MTN Web Phone.
  5. Woloks.
  6. Bulk Text.



  1. MTN Uganda Guide.
  2. Airtel Directory Uganda.
  3. Pearl Guide.
  4. Uganda Travel Guide.
  5. View Uganda.
  6. Travel Uganda.



  1. Airtel Money.
  2. MyMTN.
  3. NWSC Mobile.
  4. Pay DStv Uganda.
  5. Umeme Mobile.



  1. Jumia.
  2. Kaymu.
  3. Hellofood.
  4. OLX.
  5. Lamudi.
  6. Yoza.


Banking and Finance **

  1. Housing Finance Bank.
  2. Post Bank Uganda.
  3. DTB Mobile Uganda.
  4. Cente Mobile.
  5. Ask URA.
  6. NSSF GO.
Mobile TVs

  1. NBS.
  2. NTV Mobi.
  3. NTV GO.
  4. Bukedde TV Free.


News and Blogs

  1. Aggregio.
  2. Monitor.
  3. Vision Group Store.
  4. Bukedde Online.
  5. PC Tech.
  6. Wulira.



  1. Uganda Kansiime Anne fan app.
  2. Cinema Ug.
  3. Tikiti.
  4. Jaguza.
  5. Feza App.



  1. Matatu.
  2. Karata.
  3. Twendele.
  4. Zword.



  1. Uganda Hospitals.
  2. Health Link Uganda.
  3. First Aid by Uganda Red Cross.



  1. Museveni Yoweri Kaguta.
  2. Sevo App.
  3. Amama 2016.
  4. Besigye 2016.



  1. eLaw Uganda.
  2. Marriage & Divorce Bill Uganda.
  3. BarefootLaw.
  4. UG Constitution.



  1. AgroMarketDay.
  2. Agric Uganda.



  1. MUK thru.
  2. Makerere University Mobile.
  3. BrainShare.


We might have missed out some apps not because we don’t want to list them but at-least the few we have mentioned shows that we know local apps do exist. However, if you know of any, please let us know in the comment section below.

Banking and Finance**Almost most of the banks have mobile apps, we couldn’t have listed all of them here, but Yeah! banks do have mobile apps. You can also do some little research to know whether your bank has an app.

With a banking mobile app, it can ease your work, stress, time, distance….in terms of banking your money, paying utilities and so forth.