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How To Use Technology To Increase Productivity In Your Business

New technology can be daunting. This is especially true if your business has been running smoothly without it, but everything you had seen and read tells you that it would run even better – and make more money – if you used the latest tech. Upsetting the status quo is not something to be done lightly.

However, if those reports are to be believed and the technology you are considering could save your business money, make it more efficient, or even allow it to make more money and your business and its employees more productive – then it seems wrong not to use it.

You simply need to know how to use it and what is going to work for you. Here are some ideas.

They’ll Have More Information
In order to be as productive as possible, your employees should have access to as much information as possible. Using technology can ensure that this happens, and work will become much more efficient. The information you need your employees to know will need to be stored somewhere, and this is where the first item of tech will come in; you can use the cloud.

Using the cloud to store your data means that you have a lot more space to keep it safe, plus you can ensure that it is entirely secure; only the people you grant access can get to the information you keep there.

Another way to help them have all the information they need and keep them productive is to install a VPN (virtual private network). This will keep everything secure, but it also means that, as long as an employee can log into it, they can work from anywhere, including their own home. Working from home can make employees more productive, although it will depend on individual circumstances.

No Losses
As mentioned above, the cloud is an excellent resource that allows you to store your files and documents safely. Should anything go wrong (such as a cyber attack or a problem with your computers), you can still easily retrieve your data. You can minimize the risk of any downtime, and your employees can remain productive.

Another way to do this is to regularly back-up your information to an external hard drive. The key point to remember here is that you will need to remove the drive from the premises each night. Leaving it there could be a disaster. If there was a break-in or a fire or something else that damaged property, the backup and the original could both be lost.

Always Be There
Not too long ago, you would have been able to leave work at the end of the day and not have to deal with it until you returned the next morning. Times have changed, and now customers expect you to be available 24 hours a day in some cases. Technology can give the impression that this is indeed the case, without having to employ anyone to cover late shifts. This not only saves your business money, but it also saves having employees who are working overtime and potentially being less productive than they would be working normal hours.

In the simplest ways, you can set up your emails, and social media account to send an ‘out of office’ email when you’re not available. This automated message simply needs to say thank you for getting in touch, and let the customer know you will get back to them as soon as possible. Although the query hasn’t been answered, the customer knows they are not being ignored and will be happier.

Other options include applications of machine learning which can be read about on Computerworld.  You might, for example, install a ‘chat-bot’ to help your business along. This kind of machine learning technology (also known as artificial intelligence) can offer help and assistance to your customers, making your entire business run more smoothly. Simple questions can be answered without needing to tie up any of your staff, plus you can be ‘available’ 24/7.

Work As A Team
Installing the right technology within your business can also help your employees work better as a team, and this is something that will certainly increase productivity. If everyone is working together rather than doing their own thing, they will be able to create an overall end product that is more cohesive and that works more efficiently. If everyone works separately, then the final pieces may not fit together.

Technology means that this is possible even if your team happens to be located across the globe. You can use Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, Slack, or many other sites and programs to keep everyone in constant contact with one another. This can be utilized to great effect when everyone is working remotely, but it is also something that can be used even if everyone is in the same office.

For those who aren’t keen on speaking up in a face to face environment, this technology helps them to get their ideas across, so every member of the team can be involved. The results will be better, and the team will be a more productive one.

Improve Your Customer Service
Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and as such, they need to be looked after properly. The last thing you want to do is to frustrate them when they get in touch, and one of the ways this can easily happen is when they contact your business, and the person they are speaking to doesn’t know who they are or what they want.

One way to combat this is to use a CRM program. This enables all of your customers’ data to be recorded in one place, from their contact details to notes made when they phone or email.

No matter who is dealing with the customer, they will have all the notes in front of them, and there will be no hesitation or delays. The customer will be happier, and their query can be dealt with much more efficiently when you improve your customer service in this way.


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