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How UX Can Be Improved: 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to a business, there’s one thing that matters, and that’s making money. After all, if you aren’t making money, you can’t stay afloat or pay wages. But, while there are many ways to ensure that the business is consistently making money, the most important one is ensuring your customers are always happy.

Recently, the high street has seen a major decline across the globe, possibly due to the increase in online shopping. Customers are much happier shopping online than the more traditional ways. This means targeting your customers online is more important than ever.

However, you need to ensure that they stay happy to ensure they keep coming back, and the key way to this is top-notch UX.

What is UX?

Standing for user experience, UX is how you ensure your customers are catered to on your website, helping them to make purchases quickly and easily, while also keeping them informed.

It’s extremely important, as it helps separate websites into the good and the bad, and can help to increase profits, which it has done for company websites in many major countries. Thankfully, there are companies out there, such as digivante.com that can help improve your website’s digital experience for customers.

They will ensure that the service your customers receive is something that will keep them coming back for more, which might include improving the following:

White Space
While you may think that white space is wasted space as it could be used for advertising, it can be much more beneficial to leave it as it is. This provides a cleaner look while helping your customer to focus on and read content around it much easier. White space can increase a user’s attention by 20%.

While a 404 web page won’t affect your rankings, it will affect how customers view you. If a user is met with a 404, the chances of them leaving your website increases dramatically. Therefore, it’s important to ensure there aren’t any on your site by checking regularly.

Page Speed
Speed is another big issue. In a world that’s so connected and fast-paced, people want things instantly. Therefore, having a website that’s slow loading will cause customers to jump ship and go elsewhere almost straight away. A page load time of an extra five seconds could cause your website’s bounce rate to increase by 20%.

If you’re selling anything, you need images. But, don’t bombard people and use them wisely. An attractive image could help to draw people in, which is why it’s important to invest in this area for your business, while also refreshing them regularly.

The copy
Content is always important. From SEO focused copy to help improve natural search to a blog, content is king. But, when it comes to product descriptions and blogs, make them useful and informative to keep users coming back. Catchy ‘calls to action’ and headlines will also work hand-in-hand with imagery to help increase sales. Laura Ashley increased checkout area clicks by 11% by testing action messaging.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve UX, but the bottom line is – if you take the time to improve UX, the customer will take their time to shop with you. It’s a win-win all round.

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