Infinix HOT 7: Nothing Much Extraordinary From Predecessor, But Stands Impressive

Infinix smartphones are today some of the best handsets you would get in market. The phones stand our impressively, have premium features and are affordable considering your budget. Same story goes to its latest handset the Infinix HOT 7 that launched on Mar. 4th in Uganda.

The phone launched in Q1 of 2019, it became the first phone from the company this year. It succeeds the Infinix HOT that launched last year—and had saw good/impressive numbers in terms of sales. It’s success kept Infinix holders wanting more from the company, so does the reveal of the Infinix HOT 7.

At a price tag of UGX439,000 available in Cosmic Purple, Midnight Black, Champagne Gold, and Aqua Blue color options, PC Tech Magazine received a Midnight Black handset for review. We were impressed with the flagship in our first impression. The nice feel on touch, light weight, pocket friendly, performance, 3D DIRAC audio technology among others.

After two-weeks of usage, what does stand out for the Infinix HOT 7. Here’s our final review…

Design and Build
Like we mentioned before, the HOT 7 won’t differ a lot from the HOT 6. We noticed the HOT 7 to be much lighter than the HOT 6 which in our case is good enough for consumers. Having a heavy phone isn’t worth it not to all but to some (like me…).

The design of the HOT 7 differs a lot from its predecessor. While the predecessor wasn’t in position to have its back cover slit off, the HOT 7 does. By removing the back cover gives the consumers the ability to insert their microSIM cards and a microSD card. The battery still isn’t removable. At the right, we have the rough-designed like volume and power button. At the top is the 3.5mm earphone jack that misses on the HOT 6—which does appear at the bottom. The bottom part on the other hand, has a microUSB port, and a mouth piece. The front is the 8MP camera while at the back places a dual rear 13MP+8MP cameras, fingerprint mount, and a single speaker.

The build is so different from the HOT 6. The HOT 7 comes with a 6.2-Inch IPS LCD notched display with a resolution of 720 x 1500 pixels. The build is as well plastic not glass. Infinix tried had to completely remove the bezels for more display. The notch on the other hand can be hidden for users (like me…) who don’t want it. Head to Settings >> Display >> Display Mode of Notch Screen >> Select Full Screen Mode. By this, it will be able to hide the notch. To retrieve the notch, you follow the same steps and choose Cutout Mode.

Performance, Storage and Battery
The Infinix HOT 7 performance I might say is above average much better than the HOT 6, thanks to the newer XOS v.4.1.0 Hummingbird that tops the Android GO Edition — and a 32 nm Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 processor. This fully optimizes the phone’s performance even when its maximum consumer user.

The HOT 7 comes with the newer XOS v.4.1.0 Hummingbird | Photo by PC Tech Magazine/Olupot Nathan Ernest.
The HOT 7 comes with the newer XOS v.4.1.0 Hummingbird | Photo by PC Tech Magazine/Olupot Nathan Ernest.

The HOT comes in two storage options, 1GB/16GB and 2GB/32GB, PC Tech Magazine received the 2GB/32GB handset.

Guaranteed multi-tasking with less hangs if not noticed, you can’t know. But playing heavier games while multi-tasking, heats up the phone, and also causes multiple hangs/freezes. At least does perform better than the HOT 6.

It phone comes with a non-removable 4,000mAh Li-lon battery. It is able to last a day on a single charge. Doesn’t supports fast-charging — you get a full charge in about two and a half hours.

Camera Performance
Well the camera performance was good. The dual 13MP+8MP rear cameras do get users quite good photos no matter the time of the day. Incorporated with AI technology, users are able to detect a scene giving much detail and color as well. For instance, sunset/sunrise shots, you get the orange and red feel. Same goes for close up shots. All in all, the photo results appear in focus, well-color balanced, and detailed.

On the other hand, the 8MP front-facing shooter does give good shots and with its wide aperture, users get that nice bokeh photos.

FaceID and Fingerprint Mount
The HOT 7 adds these two features to better the consumers experience and usage. The two can be used to lock your phone, and apps as well. In addition, the fingerprint mount can be in be used to answer calls, take photos, dismiss alarms, and call recordings. Users can add up to 5 fingerprints to use the phone.

3D DIRAC Audio Technology
This impresses users a lot. The feature was first seen from the HOT 6. What it does, in a layman’s term, it doubles the speaker volume, even at the lowest volume (1), it will it sound loud. With this feature, it betters media viewership and experience.

To turn on the feature, you open the notification panel to active the feature. It’s named ‘Dirac’. By default, it comes activated.

Price and Avalaiblity The HOT 7 is avaliable in all Infinix stores and authorized phone dealers. Price at UGX439,000 comes in Cosmic Purple, Midnight Black, Champagne Gold, and Aqua Blue color options.

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