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Social Media Marketing Practices to Avoid

There are so many ways to increase your web visitors and sell on your website without spending too much on ads. In fact, gaining more followers has never been this easy with the help of technology. You can lure prospective clients to your website using simple yet proven social media marketing practices today. But the challenge is, how do you know if you’re practicing the wrong marketing strategies?

Understanding the Importance of Social Media Presence

If you want more exposure and get quality leads, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with your target market and provide solutions for them. Establishing a strong social media presence can help you attract clients and boost your site traffic in the most effective way.

For those who are new to the world of online marketing, they may find it obscure how the digital front and web management strategies work. Therefore, it’s important to understand the right ways to get clients from reliable sources and market their brands online. Overdoing things and not sticking to the rules, however, can lead to confusion and bad publicity.

Things to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

An expert social media marketer perfectly understands that doing campaigns may have risks. For instance, creating content with keyword stuffing may only get you penalized by Google. In addition, it’s a must to have knowledge about search engine algorithms in order to avoid overdoing your online campaigns.

Here are some methods that you need to avoid when promoting your business on social media platforms:

  • Spamming subscribers. Okay, so you have a high number of newsletter subscribers. If you’re sending out way too much promotional mails every day, you might get them annoyed. The best way is to do your email marketing in a moderate manner not to “disturb” your subscribers.

Once in a while, you can send them email updates on discounts, promos, and other informative message that will draw their interest. Avoid too promotional emails. Instead, make sure they always gain something whenever you send out your emails.

  • Intense promotion on social media. People are on social media most of their time because of the entertainment they get. Some use these channels to get information about their favorite brands and products. If you keep on posting promotional content rather than something that helps your target audience solve their problem, then you might lose your followers.

Don’t overdo your social promotion in terms of commenting and liking on posts because that may cause your prospective clients to feel stalked or creepily followed on. Also, it’s an unprofessional behavior to just pop up somewhere and promote your products. Do it subtly without too much drama just to get attention.

  • Not using social media marketing calendar. Staying organized and consistent in all your social media marketing campaigns help succeed in your goals. One way to do it is by the use of a social media content calendar. It streamlines your effort to plan and promote your business without forgetting the most important dates.

Planning your social content is one important step in online marketing. At the same time, it’s handy to have a tool that makes your marketing strategies way easier.

  • Not focusing on the strategy that really works. A small routine task is usually the reason why marketers don’t focus much on their social media strategies. If you’re juggling multiple tasks every day, such as checking news feed, updating content calendar, tweeting, and responding to social comments, you need to get focused more than ever.
  • Not automating your posts. With a posting tool, you can simplify your schedule and posting needs. Also, this tool will allow you to post content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook based on a specific schedule hence creating a more personalized post for your followers.
  • Only sharing your own posts. You need to balance your posts between your own content and an external content. This will be according to the certain community you want to target. With more diverse community through more external posts, you can get more followers and gain prospective clients on social media.
  • Forgetting about occasion-based promotions. A cheap and easy way to keep your subscribers entertained is through occasion-based marketing. Holidays are a perfect time to deliver marketing campaigns on a large scale. You can promote your products based on the specific season, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Not tracking your marketing performance. It’s not enough to post content, you also need to track their effectiveness in marketing your products. That way, you will know the areas that need improvement as well as those that simply don’t work.

Analyze your strategies and benchmark your performance on social media. This will help you understand the publishing trends and factors that affect your traffic and conversion. If you can put these things in detail, it’s easier to improve your marketing strategies for more followers and clients.

  • Ignoring the content your competitors create. If you want to create the best plan for your social media calendar, you need to consider what your competitors are creating and posting. This will help you determine the topics, strategies, and trends that your target market is interested in and is willing to engage.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to marketing, the best place to put out your brand is through social media. It has been an integral part of any online marketing campaign given the fast-paced technological developments. If your business is not on social media, you are missing out big opportunities in your network.

Therefore, understanding the importance of having a strong social media presence is truly a great step to successful campaigns. Make it easier for your prospects to find you online when they need similar products or services that you offer.

The more convenient and accessible your website is, the better your clients will reach out to you. And that’s a crucial way to increase your visitors and customers in this day and age.



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