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284 MYUG Hotspots Available in Kampala & Entebbe – NITA Uganda

Autonomous government parastatal; National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) has confirmed MYUG free Wi-Fi internet is now available at 284 hotspots in Kampala and Entebbe. Simutaneoulsy, confirmed 76,519 users to have signed up and using the service.

MYUG was availed in October 2016, following Frank Tumwebaze‘s directive to avail citizens living within the borders of Kampala and Entebbe with free Wi-Fi. This was discussed in a meeting with a team of parliamentarians, and NITA-U officials.

The free Wi-Fi goes live from 6PM to 6AM (EAT) on weekdays, and 3PM to 6AM (EAT) on weekends. Note, this is only accessed within selected areas in Kampala, and Entebbe. As to why the internet is limited, we are to contact NITA-U for a comment. On the other hand, NITA-U didn’t mention when or (if) the free internet access will be accessed beyond Kampala and Entebbe.

Meanwhile, users that have used MYUG (I inclusive) report slow response during the allocated time. This could be because it’s most time everyone is at home. At peak hours (7PM to 9PM), internet is really slowly. At certain times, one can’t connect at all or if connected it breaks down at one point.

However, the idea of MYUG isn’t bad at all. One, saves consumers from buying own data. Second, using Wi-Fi connections, consumers don’t have to pay OTT to access their social platforms. Connecting on any Wi-Fi connection, users can access social media platforms minus having to pay the OTT levy.

Rolled out two years ago, NITA-U also confirms 76,519 users have signed up and are using the service. The numbers seem disappointing considering that access to internet is free. Seems consumers are better off purchasing data than using free internet.

Meanwhile, ISPs are trying their best to see that their customers are satisfied. Introducing data packages that at least favor everyone in their own niche. Of recent, since the government introduced levy on social media platforms, ISPs availed data packages that come coupled/bundled with the levy. Meaning, once a consumer buys a certain bundle, they ready have paid levy on OTT as well.

How to access the MYUG hotspots;
A faster way to connect to MYUG, is using your social platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Since Google+ is shutting down, this leaves it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Search for hotspots broadcasting MYUG (see link here).
  2. Signup via the access page using — name, email address, phone number, select username and password, date of birth, and gender.
  3. Once all that is done, you’ll be eligible to connect to MYUG.

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