Lorex Technologies Diurnal Security Camera System

The signs of technological advancement are everywhere. From autonomous vacuums and cars to the transformation of home security and smart home products. Technology makes us safer, frees up time and gives us peace of mind. So, what’s all the hype about the Lorex Technology Diurnal Security Camera System? Here’s an in-depth look at the groundbreaking advances present in these cameras.


Infrared light is emitted when heat is produced by an object. This is especially true for people, animals and automobiles. Of course, infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, however, the thermal sensors on the Diurnal Series are designed for this very purpose. The Diurnal Series does not record video 24/7, rather it relies on thermal sensors that trigger the cameras on and off when thermal activity is detected. This way, you only have footage of actual activity, rather than data dumps of empty halls, alleys or garage space.


Wire-free security camera systems are completely battery powered. While they do have a charger that can be plugged into an outlet for permanent use, they can also be placed in locations that have no nearby outlet. This makes installation set up nearly nonexistent since there aren’t any mainline cables or cords to deal with. Without any cords, you can change the location of these cameras whenever you want.

Upgradeable Hard Drive

With a digital security camera system, you’ll need some hefty data storage. The Diurnal Series comes with a 1 terabyte DVR hard drive. If you’re in need of more storage space, this DVR has a 6 terabyte upgradable capacity.

Wireless Range

Wire-free cameras wouldn’t be much use if they didn’t have long-range wireless capabilities. The 600-foot wireless range makes the Diurnal Series perfect for homeowners in suburban and urban areas, as well as for country living where the garage or barn may be some distance from the house.

HD Resolution

The Diurnal Series transmits all its data wirelessly. They send their data wirelessly to a receiver connected to the DVR. So it keeps bandwidth use down. This may lead some to think the video quality must take a hit, but that isn’t the case. These cameras shoot in 1080HD, so you can catch every important detail, such as facial features. This is the best-quality picture of any wire-free security camera system on the market.

Other Features

While night vision is standard on most security camera systems these days, the Diurnal Series boasts six infrared LED lightbulbs that reflect off solid objects at a range of 150 feet. The reflected infrared light is then captured by the infrared sensors, which create clear night vision video. Another handy aspect of these cameras is the talk/listen two-way mic and speakers on each of these cameras. Check in with family members or friends anytime anywhere, with the app, and speak through these cameras.

With state-of-the-art thermal sensors, HD video, wireless range and ease of installation, there’s no doubt the Diurnal Series offers the best wire-free cameras on the market.