Hacker Selling 93 Million of User Records From Eight Companies on the Dark Web

ZDNet reports a hacker by the name of Gnosticplayers has put up for sale a set of hacked databases on a Dark Web marketplace known as Dream Market. Being the third round of hacked databases the hacker has published.

The hacker is reported to have earlier stolen and posted data of close to 840 million users of various popular websites on the marketplace. And now s/he is reported to have put up the third set of nearly 93 million hacked databases for sale.

He previously posted a batch of 16 databases containing the data of 620 million users and a second batch of 8 databases with the data of 127 million users. This sums it to 840 million user data records.

On Feb. 17th, is when the hacker published the 93 million hacked records that consisted of 8 databases. The 8 hacked companies include;, Jobandtalent, Onebip, StoryBird, StreetEasy, GfyCat, ClassPass, and Pizap

According to ZDNet post, the biggest numbers in today’s batch is for GIF image hosting company; GfyCat — selling the database at 0.35 Bitcoin (roughly UGX4.8 million). However, the published records in third sale cost a total of 2.6249 Bitcoin (roughly UGX36 million).

The hacker says he intends to sell over one billion user records and then disappear with the money. S/he further told ZDNet, that their “goal is to money, and downfall of American pigs.”

None of the affected companies hasn’t commented on the issue when contacted.

Gnosticplayers has taken credit for the hacks and denied being just an intermediary.[related-posts]

Below is the message accompanied while selling off the records:

George Duke-Cohan is a young and talented boy, instead of giving him a chance, the UK govt sends him to prison for three years. Now, he’s been told by the American government, that he faces 65 years for the offense he was already sentenced to three years in the UK. It means he will be judged twice ?? May this upcoming release of dumps serve as a reminder: When countries claim to respect their citizens, they have duty protect them. I wouldn’t be surprised whether George Duke-Cohan ends his life, the UK gov already destroyed him and doing this is like sentencing him to death.
If he is not given a fair justice during the upcoming days, weeks, years, more data will be released….


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