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5 Uses of AI in Human Resources

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has the power to transform human resources. It’s an important tool in terms of data analysis and management. With the right approach to human resource management systems that use AI, companies could save time and money.

According to recent figures, only 13% of companies are using AI as part of their human resources operations. However, when you ask about the future of AI, over 50% believe it will be a regular part of human resource in just five years.

So, what are the ways AI can be used in human resources?

1. Boost your recruitment

One of the toughest jobs in human resources is the recruitment process. It’s not only time-consuming but also highly impactful in terms of how well the organisation performs. If you can find the right talent and hold on to it for as long as possible, you are going to perform well. The cost of bad recruitment can make or break a company.

AI has the power to boost recruitment and improve those efforts. This is largely down to human resource management system automation. AI software is able to perform tasks such as:

  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Grading candidates based on qualifications
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Provide feedback and answers to candidates

These are all important aspects of the recruitment process. For example, the ability to answer candidate concerns can help in two ways. First, it can speed up the application process and ensure the candidates don’t make silly or needless mistakes during it. Secondly, it can guarantee only the suitable candidates apply – this can help both the candidate and organisation.

2. Enhance the onboarding process

Once you find the right candidate and your organisation hires them, you’ll have to ensure smooth onboarding process. This is important because it guarantees the candidate gets into the swing of things and productivity doesn’t suffer. You want the work relationship to start well rather than problematically.

However, onboarding is time-consuming. It’s also something a lot of companies are not performing very well. According to ServiceNow, one in third of employees find it impossible or difficult to learn about a company’s HR policies. This is a spooky figure that AI can luckily change.

AI can help human resource management systems implement programs like chatbots. These can answer employee queries, direct them to the right resources and provide them with information and guidance in general.

3. Improve employee performance

Human resources don’t just work in finding the right employees and then helping them to get started. They also have the important and essential role of supporting employees throughout employment. A good human resourse department has the power to boost and improve employee performance.

Human resource management systems available right now can do this in many ways. The software solutions can boost performance by:

  • Helping with education and training.
  • Providing better and continuous feedback.

When employees are able to receive more feedback, they will be able to improve their work and productivity. It can also help the HR to provide more personalised help and support, focusing on the areas the employee needs help with and stop wasting training and resources on issues that aren’t even broken.

4.Provide more transparency

One key way AI should be used is in transparency. In the past, the HR department has had a bit of a bad reputation. For employees, it has often seen like a place that works against them and not for them. But with AI technology, this can change.

AI has huge potential in solving transparency issues. Human resource management system could focus on areas like payroll, holiday pay and scheduling as well as other important issues like this. With the software, employees can be part of the decision-making process and have access to information. AI and cloud technology can transfer some of the management power from the HR department to the employee – this will lead to improve transparency and keep the employees satisfied.

5. Enhance employee retention

The above points all highlight one of the biggest ways AI can be used in human resource: employee retention. The cost of hiring new employees can be devastating for companies, especially small business. It’s not a secret to know that if you can hold on to talent, your organisation will be better off for it.

AI allows human resource professionals to automate most tasks, improving the employee experience in the process. HR professionals can focus their efforts on dealing with the

The above five ways use AI in human resources for good. With these solutions and processes, organisations can free up time and resources without jeopardising results and employee wellbeing. It’s important that companies start implementing the right HR solutions because AI is not going anywhere. The benefits of AI should convince even the sceptics of the possibilities.


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