Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in Another Fire Incident

According to a report from ABC affiliate WXYZ, a woman in Detroit was driving with the two Samsung phones; the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8 in a cup holder until suddenly, she saw a spark coming from one of the two smartphones – believed to be the Galaxy S4 which resulted into a big fire burning down her car. However, no lives were lost nor injured.

She managed to go on the side, park the car, and get out in time.

The South Korean-smartphone giants told the publication, quote, “While we don’t comment on pending litigation, we stand behind the safety of the millions of Samsung phones in the United States.” No lawsuit has been filed against Samsung as of yet.

WXYZ reports that the company is on the case now and has sent its engineers to examine the burnt car, as well as find out what caused the Galaxy S4 catch fire. The report further indicates the Galaxy S4 and S8 haven’t been put on recall.

As you recall, Samsung faced one of its worst nightmare in 2016 when over multiple reports of the Galaxy Note 7 were reported to be exploding. Over 95 complaints were submitted in causing the company to recall over 1 million Galaxy Note 7 phablets, and finally put the production at a stop. The final investigation on explosion that was made claimed the batteries were at fault.

The company went a head a refurbished the Galaxy Note 7 launching it as the Galaxy Note 7R at a half price of what the original cost. Meanwhile, as many thought that the Note series were to be discontinued, Samsung’s Mobile Chief; Koh Dong-jin cleared it out that it wasn’t planning on putting an end on its Note series as it was set to launch its successor; the Galaxy Note 8.[related-posts]

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