Huawei Seeds for Future Program 2018 finalists in Shenzhen, China.
Huawei Seeds for Future Program 2018 finalists in Shenzhen, China.

Chinese-based telecommunication firm; Huawei Technologies plays a big role in Uganda’s growing tech. Supporting startup businesses, innovation events, innovators, to mention a few. However, one of their programs; Seeds For Future Program – a global Corporate Social Responsibility flagship program that selects top college students in ICT-related courses for a technological study trip in China, is gradually progressing in the country.

Officially launched in 2015 at an announcement that was made during a meeting between; Huawei’s Senior Vice President; Mr. Li Dafeng with H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni; the President of the Republic of Uganda, during his official visit to Beijing, the program has so far taught and trained 30 students in their capital where the firm is headquartered.

The finalists visit Beijing and Shenzhen and also have an opportunity to study and gain work experience at Huawei’s headquarters and also be exposed to Chinese culture and cross-cultural work experience in a global business environment.

The finalists have been flagged off by the H.E President Yoweri Museveni (2016), Minister of State at High Education; Hon. John Muyingo (2017), and the First Lady & Minister of Education and Sports; Janet Museveni (2018).

After two weeks of their educational tour, here’s what they had to say;

Kasumba Robert – Final year student of Software Engineering from Makerere University
” I liked the future potential of Huawei 5G network which will open doors to an all connected world. With an all connected world, my proposal on helping farmers get information about the common crop and animal diseases as well as pests will easily come to life and many homes shall be able to share the much-needed information easily and cheaply or at no cost at all.

Oola Gerald – Finalist of Information Technology at Muni University
“The training showed me that implementing the technologies and embracing them is not as hard as I earlier thought. I have learnt that in order to leverage on the emerging 4.5G and 5G technologies which will dominate the world in the not so far future, I should incorporate remote sensors such as thermometers and blood pressure sensors in my health care proposal in order to have the data processed quickly.”

Karasira Cosmas – Year four Computer Engineering student at Busitema University
“Seeds for the Future training has opened up my world to the evolving technology. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can surely be used in the project of installing closed-circuit television camera in our city and towns to curb the rampant crime, safe driving, improved health care and smart homes to mention but a few.”

Mangeni Ajambo Cleopatra – Makerere University finalist of Computer Science
“I enjoyed the networking lessons and am looking at the challenge ahead to improve my skills. I also noted that with a 5G network capable of transmitting data at up to 20 gigabits per second (Gbps), IoT and Cloud computing, the health of a patient with chronic disease can be closely monitored in real time because there will be immediate communication between the wearable gadgets and smartphone.”

Kirembwe Andrew – Information Technology finalist from Muni University
“With this training I can now say that I am ready to make my contribution to the digital community. I am going to teach my colleagues about the 5G technology and how to build a 4G base station.”

Annet Mary Nakate – Third year Information Systems student from Muni University
“I have learnt the basics of networking especially when it comes to modern technology and I was also exposed to smart farming.”

Mugisha Samuel – Second year student from Muni University
“I found most interesting was the Phone tracking and Quick Response (QR) technology that can help improve the standards in Uganda. The infrared technology I was exposed to can contribute much to my automated solar powered incubator proposal.”

Obbo Peter
“When I return to Uganda I will enlighten my friends about the 5G network and encourage them to embrace it since only a few know about the 4G and cannot even tell the difference.”

Nanyonga Berinda – Software Engineering finalist from Makerere University
“The training was very educational and a mind questioning experience. Every second I spent in this training is so memorable to me and I would wish to pass on the skills I have learnt from the Chinese people to my colleagues.”

Abigaba Hilda – First year student from Lira University
“The training hadn’t been so compatible with what I was learning, but I was however happy to get exposed to the future potential of the 5G network.”